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Ask Teresa Giudice what the cause of her estrangement between her and her brother and sister-in-law – Joe and Melissa Gorga – and she’ll blame the show. The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG says fame and money ruined their family. Since they joined the show, Giudice has been adamant that she had no idea they were being cast. Now, she says Andy Cohen is the one who broke the news.

Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, and Teresa Giudice talk while filming 'RHONJ;' Giudice says Andy Cohen told her about her family joining the show
(l-r) Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice | Andrei Jackamets/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Teresa Giudice says Andy Cohen told her about her family being cast on the show

For years, Giudice has claimed her family joined the show behind her back. Melissa has alleged that show producers contacted her, and she auditioned for a spot. She also says that she spoke with Giudice about being potentially cast, and Giudice was against the idea. 

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Giudice has stuck to her story, but in a recent appearance on Reality With the King podcast, she says many people didn’t believe up until the recent wedding drama of her brother and sister-in-law skipping her wedding to Luis Ruelas. As for why viewers didn’t believe her side, she says it’s because, at certain points, she was painted as a villain, and it’s been her word against Melissa’s. 

Giudice explained that she learned about the casting from the Bravo honcho himself. “I knew because Andy Cohen called me,” she revealed. “But he didn’t want to get involved or whatever, which I understand. He was the one who called me to tell me that they were coming on the show.”

A former ‘RHONJ’ producer confirms Teresa Giudice didn’t know about the casting ahead of time

Carlos King was a producer on the first two seasons of RHONJ. The Gorgas joined the cast in season 3, along with their cousins Kathy and Rosie Wakile. At the time, they all alleged they were estranged from Giudice, which she denies. Wakile regrets not telling Giudice about her being cast.

Source: YouTube

‘RHONJ’: Melissa Gorga Reveals Final Straw in Relationship With Teresa Giudice

King says Giudice had no idea her family would be joining the show. He says he witnessed everything firsthand. In a previous episode of his Reality With the King podcast, he explained:

When they were asked to be part of New Jersey Housewives, they never told Teresa. Teresa found out through a producer. And she called me and asked me my opinion and the one thing I’ll say is Teresa wasn’t hurt that she didn’t know from her brother and sister, she was hurt because she knew ‘This relationship that I have with Melissa and Joe is very sensitive’ – and she knew in that moment she called me that their relationship will never be the same because it will all air out on the show, and it’s unfortunate because I do believe, in my opinion, that the dynamic of them being on the show together affected their relationship.

Melissa Gorga denies Teresa Giudice joined the show behind her back

Despite Giudice’s story being verified, Melissa and Joe are calling BS. Melissa says Giudice never wanted her on the show and that Giudice wanted to keep the shine on her.

“Behind her back was me just showing up with a mic-pack on like, ‘Hey, I’m filming with you.’ That’s behind your f–king back. This was very well-known that I was even going to audition. And then it was known that I got it, and then it was known that my first episode and my first day of filming was going to be the christening that she was going to attend,” Melissa explained on her On Display podcast.