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There may be no hope for reconciliation between The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga. Giudice has always blamed fame and money for their family issues. Since they joined the show, she says filming has not been fun for her because of their rollercoaster relationship. In fact, she says she just started watching the show again and revealed why she’s happy she never watched it back until now.

Teresa Giudice sits on 'Watch What Happens Live'
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Teresa Giudice says she never watched the show because she hated seeing herself fight with her brother and sister-in-law

The Gorgas joined the cast in Season 3, and from there, Giudice says their relationship has been an uphill battle. She denies claims that they were estranged before filming. Per Giudice, once the Gorgas joined the show, their conflict began. 

Because there was such high tension between them, she stopped watching the show. But now that she’s watching everything back, she’s happy she didn’t watch at the height of their issues.

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“I never watched the show because I couldn’t stand watching…And I think that was a blessing in disguise because if I would’ve known – because now I’m starting to watch the show – and I’m watching everything that my brother and Melissa said about me – it’s heartwrenching, devastating, it’s the worst,” she told former producer Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast. 

Watching it back has been eye-opening for her. “I can’t even believe my brother and Melissa would even say things like that about me. I swear to God, now that I see it, now that I’m watching it,” she added. “That’s why I think I didn’t watch it because then I would’ve gotten more upset. It would have been more fighting, and it would have hurt my parents even more.”

She says the show ruined their family

Giudice has long alleged being on the show with Joe, and Melissa ruined their family. She even says Melissa vied to be on the show, contacting King on Facebook to pitch herself, which King corroborates. Giudice says fighting with her brother was so devastating to their parents that it caused them serious health issues that ultimately led to their premature deaths.

Source: YouTube

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“When my brother says my ex put my mother in the grave, that took years away from my life with my parents seeing me and my brother fighting. That took years away from my parents’ life. Beacuse no parent wants to see their children – their only two children fight. And we only have [each other]. It was only the four of us,” Giudice told King.

Does she have hope that she can reconcile with her brother and sister-in-law?

As the world knows by now, things became so bad between Giudice and the Gorgas that they didn’t even attend her wedding to Luis Ruelas. Joe was reportedly scheduled to walk Giudice down the aisle. Instead, she walked down the aisle alone. Since then, they haven’t spoken, and Giudice says it’s not likely they will. 

“I’m really big on loyalty and respect, and I feel like when you cross that line, it’s hard to come back from that, especially when it’s done on national TV,” she told E! News in Sept. 2022. “I have friends that would never do some of the stuff that my family’s done to me. When it’s family, it just hurts deeper. It’s painful.”