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Cat Ommanney from The Real Housewives of D.C. recalls being on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as being a “nightmare” when she was a co-guest with Luann de Lesseps from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Andy Cohen, Sonja Morgan, Cat Ommanney
Andy Cohen, Sonja Morgan, Cat Ommanney | Peter Kramer/Bravo

“I did [WWHL] with that nightmare, Countess Luann,” Ommanney said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “There’s this whole fact that she calls herself a countess. She bought the name and was then trying to teach me British etiquette [which] really pissed me off.”

“She thinks, ‘I live the life darling,'” Ommanney said, parroting de Lesseps. “Well, what life was that darling?” Ommanney added that not only did she have a bad experience with de Lesseps, but she wasn’t thrilled with WHHL either.

Cat Ommanney wasn’t impressed with the ‘WWHL’ games

In addition to being annoyed with de Lesseps, Ommanney didn’t love WWHL. “I hated the games we were playing [on WWHL],” she said. “I said to [host] Andy [Cohen], ‘You don’t really have anyone better in the production teams to make up better games because these are really sh*t.’ And they’re really boring. We play them every week. And there’s some really imaginative people that can come up with some really fun games, but these ones are really boring.”

Andy Cohen, Sonja Morgan, Cat Ommanney
Andy Cohen, Sonja Morgan, Cat Ommanney | Peter Kramer/Bravo

Cohen asked her if she wasn’t having a good time. “I was like, ‘No, I’m not having a good time at all,'” she said. “I couldn’t wait to rip my mic out from underneath my knickers and get the f**k out of there.”

“It was really boring,” she added. “[There are] intelligent, really creative people working with Watch What Happens Live. And this is the same boring games every week. So shake it up a bit you know, try something different.”

Cat Ommanney didn’t like how Luann de Lesseps burst into her dressing room

She added that the WWHL production team are young and creative, so certainly they could create something a little more fresh and exciting. Ommanney said she also felt like Cohen brought her on only to humiliate her in front of de Lesseps.

“I just felt like he had kind of brought me on just to humiliate me in front of Luann, who would just say patronizing [things],” she said. “And I was really over it. You want to put me down? You want to quiz me on the Queen’s etiquette and this and that.”

Andy Cohen, Mary Amos, Cat Ommanney, and Lynda Erkiletian
Andy Cohen, Mary Amos, Cat Ommanney, and Lynda Erkiletian | D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

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“And I’m not here to be judged,” she remarked. “Especially with such a really sh*t game like this. And yeah, it was not a nice experience.” While she had a good time with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, she started her night with a backstage run-in with de Lesseps.

“She burst into my dressing room without even knocking before the show and said, ‘We’ve met before, haven’t we darling?'” Ommanney recalled. “‘We’ve met before haven’t we?’ And I said, ‘No, we haven’t met before.’ And I just found a really patronized and really rude and really condescending.”