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During The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 4, Karen Huger managed to avoid Charrisse Jackson Jordan for a third time this season, and Ashley Darby’s divorce news leaked before she was ready.

Wendy Osefo wasn’t invited to Family Fun Day

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 4 kicked off with Wendy Osefo talking to her husband about the restaurant partnership with Peter Thomas. While he remained firm in his belief that she had enough on her plate, Wendy admitted she couldn’t turn down an opportunity.

The conversation turned to her blowup with Robyn Dixon and the Housewife’s choice to invite everyone except her and her children to a “family fun day.” To prove she had a problem with Wendy and not her children, Robyn asked Candiace Dillard to take their co-star’s kids to the event. However, the political commentator declined as she didn’t want her kids somewhere the hosts didn’t invite her.

Karen Huger avoided Charrisse Jackson Jordan again

Robyn wanted to host the family fun day during Spring Break as the Housewives don’t get together much with their kids. Everyone, except Wendy, showed up at the field, including former Housewife Charrisse Jackson Jordan. When Karen showed up, she claimed she wasn’t feeling well but participated in the sack race once she noticed the ex-cast member.

The Grande Dame made sure to get on the opposing team and completed the game before quickly leaving as she felt it aggravated a possible respiratory infection. However, Robyn wasn’t moved and thought Karen created the scene as an excuse to escape Charrisse. The OG Housewife has already avoided Charrisse at her spring party and Ashley’s pole dancing class.

Mia Thornton gives an update on the relationship with her mom

On her way to Family Fun Day, Mia Thornton opened up about the current state of her relationship with her mother. She told her husband Gordon that the two are on better terms after a conversation with her aunt gave her more perspective.

Her aunt told her she knew her mother before she began using drugs and pointed out that users typically stop maturing when they get addicted. The information has made her more “understanding” and helped her see her mom differently. Mia wasn’t too impressed with Robyn’s event as she joked about wishing she skipped out on it.

Candiace Dillard cancels IVF treatment

Candiace ignored Gizelle Bryant at Robyn’s event, annoying the OG Housewife who feels she is taking it too seriously.

The “Drive Back” singer made it clear she’s not over the situation as she shared her beliefs that Gizelle is lying for attention with Charrisse. She later talked to Ashley and revealed her decision to cancel the IVF process due to her follicles not responding in time.

Ashley Darby’s divorce news leaked

Before gathering with the ladies, Ashley Darby talked to her friend Auntea about her situation with Michael. While she claimed they are still living together and taking it “day-by-day,” she wanted to release a statement about their separation to get ahead of the story.

At the Family Fun Day, she admitted she had a difficult time with Michael getting a vasectomy. However, she told Mia she thought their divorce was “mutual” because he wasn’t fighting for their marriage. After leaving the event, she realized the details of her divorce hit the media before she had a chance to say anything. Additionally, Ashley and Auntea can’t seem to get a hold of him after the news breaks.

What to expect in ‘RHOP’ Season 7 Episode 5

In the previews for episode 5, Robyn meets with a lawyer about a potential infidelity clause in the prenuptial agreement she plans to have Juan sign when they marry. Additionally, Ashley and Candiace hang out where the latter claimed Karen snuck out of town with another man.


‘RHOP’: Wendy Osefo Thinks Gordon Thornton’s Flirtatious Behavior Proves Mia Is ‘Insecure’ in Her Marriage

Finally, the upcoming episode will include Wendy’s Burn Session. The event’s purpose is unclear, but the ladies take the time to air out their grievances as Wendy and Robyn go at it again, and Ashley and Candiace’s budding friendship takes a turn for the worse. Ashley might bring up something Candiace doesn’t want her to because she calls the Housewife a “lying ass vindictive b****.” The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays on Bravo.