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Ever since Rihanna burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, she has captured everyone’s attention with her music and style and, as of late, her business acumen. The singer-turned-business mogul became the talk of the town in early 2022 when she showed off her baby bump after months of speculation. And Rihanna’s blonde locks were noticeably absent in these photos.

Rihanna ended 2021 with a blonde do

Rihanna’s music career took a backseat to her other projects for years. But in 2021, the singer announced her upcoming collection of past albums on vinyl called the RihIssue. 

The singer announced the project on her Instagram, posting a photo of her splayed across the floor with her records. She rocked fishnet stockings, the coordinated shirt of her vinyl records, and a short. The singer also sported a honey-blonde hairstyle with black-blonde roots.

As Allure points out, this marked the first time Rihanna showed off blonde hair in a long time. The singer has always chosen to go with bold hairstyles as a fashion statement in the past. Critics praised her for bringing back some iconic and edgy hairstyles, including the early 2000s pixie crop.

Rihanna’s look at the 2012 Grammys was a showstopper

Rihanna went blonde for the 2012 Grammy Awards.
Rihanna went blonde for the 2012 Grammy Awards. | Christopher Polk/WireImage

The early 2010s saw Rihanna explore a lot with her hair, with blonde hairstyles as her go-to looks. The singer began experimenting with blonde hair in November 2009 when she modeled a strawberry-blonde pixie throughout her Rated R album.

In 2010 she switched things up by introducing some dark tresses to her blonde look. The singer wore two-tone hairstyles with a side sweep but took a break later in the year for a cherry red do.

In 2012, Rihanna showed up to the Grammys in an iconic full-blonde shaggy hairstyle with soft curls. That same year she went even lighter, rocking platinum blonde hair with long bangs to the 2012 Battleship premier. The singer underwent many hair changes experimenting with different colors since then. Still, she mainly stuck to dark hair.

Rihanna had a brief period in 2017 when she wore a blonde shag that was truly ahead of its time (as always). She switched the look back to black hair but went for blonde hair again in 2018. That year she wore a long platinum blonde wig which she gave her fans a sneak peek of on her Instagram.

Rihanna spends millions to keep her hair looking gorgeous


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At this point, there’s no doubt about Rihanna’s superstardom and her ability to influence millions of people everywhere. And she reportedly goes to extreme lengths to ensure her hair remains as stunning as ever.

Several reports indicate that the mogul forks more than $1 million every year on her hair alone. The singer’s cost of hair roughs up to an average of about $22,000 a week. Although spending that much on just hair sounds outrageous, it is an investment for the Fenty Beauty founder.

Every year, Rihanna makes her mark in the fashion and beauty industries. Therefore, it is easy to see why she may want to make such a costly investment to protect her image, from blonde hair to legacy releases.