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More than 10 years ago, Heather Chadwell was competing for Bret Michaels’s heart on the reality dating series Rock of Love With Bret Michaels. Recently, Chadwell opened up about her experience on the show and her current relationship status with the Poison frontman. 

Heather Chadwell
Heather Chadwell | Getty

In 2007, Bret Michaels was looking for his ‘Rock of Love’ 

Thanks to the success of Flavor of Love with rapper Flava Flav, VH1 introduced Rock of Love With Bret Michaels. The show’s premise was for the Poison frontman to find a woman who could get down with his rockstar lifestyle. 

'Rock of Love' Season 1 cast
‘Rock of Love’ Season 1 cast | VH1

With a format similar to The Bachelor, 20-some women competed for Michaels’s affection through a series of challenges, group dates, and one-on-ones. Chadwell was one of the final two women in season 1. Sadly, Michaels chose Jes Rickless as his rock of love. 

‘Rock of Love’s Lacey Sculls and Heather Chadwell have a podcast 

The Talk of Love podcast started in February 2020. It is created, produced, and hosted by Sculls, best known for her role as the villain on Rock of Love. Initially, Chadwell co-hosted the podcast with Sculls. Now, newer episodes solely feature Sculls, as Chadwell removed herself from the show. 

Each episode, Sculls sits down with a different guest chosen from the casts of former VH1 reality shows including: Rock of LoveFlavor of LoveI Love New YorkCharm SchoolDaisy of LoveI Love Money, and Real Chance of Love. Sculls and her guests talk about behind-the-scenes stories, diving into the craziness that occurred on the sets of these reality series. 

Outside of reality television, Sculls and her guests will also talk about their personal lives, relationships, and other pop culture nuggets. During an early episode when Chadwell was still a co-host, she and Sculls got into a conversation about where she and Michaels stand today. 

Heather Chadwell is still bitter with Bret Michaels for breaking her heart 

Part of the format of Talk of Love is answering fan-submitted questions. One fan wanted to know if either Rock of Love contestant maintained a friendship with Michaels outside of the show. While both women admitted they hadn’t seen Michaels much since the show wrapped, Chadwell talked about not having — let alone wanting — a friendship with the Poison frontman. 


‘Rock of Love’: Bret Michaels Says He Was Looking for This on the VH1 Series

“Right after [the show ended], we did some events together and we were kind of friends,” Chadwell said. “But I guess it was more work-related. Unless I had a meet and greet for $750, he wasn’t going to talk to me. So it was basically all business. So no, we don’t have a friendship.” 

“That sucks,” Sculls interjected. 

“Yeah, but that’s how he is,” Chadwell continued. “That’s not how I am. We’re not friends because we’re two totally different people. We just have different ways of treating people and morals and whatever. So yeah, no, we’re not friends.” 

“That’s a bummer,” Sculls concluded. 

“No, it’s not,” Chadwell added. “I don’t care.” 

Fortunately, Sculls seems to be on better, more friendly terms with Michaels at this time.