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Before 2023 concluded, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made it known that they plan to take on new projects that don’t involve talking about the royal family and see 2024 as their “year of redemption.”

The news that they want to turn over a new leaf comes after quite a few public disasters and setbacks the previous year including Spotify canceling Meghan’s podcast and ending its partnership with the pair, an executive for the streaming company then labeling them “f****** grifters,” and being ridiculed on comedy shows such as South Park and Family Guy.

There’s been plenty of speculation about what the couple will do now though since the majority of their success after stepping down as working royals has come from talking about the royals. Some think Meghan may go back to acting as that’s something she did before she even met Harry. But now a royal author is claiming that the Sussexes will be facing financial difficulties as they can’t find steady work in the U.S. and the former Suits star returning to the screen isn’t the answer because she “isn’t a great actress.”

Meghan Markle attends the 2023 Variety Power Of Women event
Meghan Markle attends the 2023 Variety Power Of Women event in Los Angeles | Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images

Royal biographer slams the Sussexes, says Meghan isn’t a good actor

During an episode of Talk TV, royal biographer and investigative journalist Tom Bower discussed why he believes Meghan and Harry are going to encounter some serious financial problems. He stated that he doesn’t think the duke and duchess are facing immediate financial trouble but will down the road since they haven’t been able to find steady work in the U.S. over the last four years.

He opined: “I think when you’re mocked so publicly as they’ve been, their value begins to nosedive pretty quickly. And I don’t think they’re finding any more sources of income. With the stream of money they’re spending on security on mortgages on just plain living, I think they can see the end of the road within five years at best … All they can offer the public is to trash the British royal family and the real problem now is they’re going to have to find a new act and they just can’t find one. They’ve got nothing to deliver other than themselves and they’re not particularly interesting anymore.”

Bower then called Meghan a “low-class actress” before claiming “she isn’t a great actress. Her acting career ended long before she arrived in London that’s why she came [to England]. She couldn’t find any more work after Suits.”

He concluded his stance by saying that the Sussexes’ “endorsements are really not worth anything … they don’t have any credibility anymore as serious people who really would attract major sponsors.”

Meghan has already made a return to acting in a commercial

Despite Bower’s opinion that Meghan “isn’t a great actress” and going back to acting wouldn’t garner much interest, there are signs that the duchess will make a return. In fact, she’s already has.

Meghan Markle attends the premiere of 'Suits' Season 5 in Los Angeles
Meghan Markle at the premiere of ‘Suits’ Season 5 in Los Angeles | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

In December 2023, Meghan made a cameo playing various roles of an intern via an ad for the latte company Clevr Blends in which she is a private investor.

Stacy Jones of the marketing agency Hollywood Branded told Britian’s The Times that Harry’s wife would consider a return to acting following her signing to WME.

“I think she absolutely is going to return to acting,” Jones said. “With the popularity of Suits on Netflix right now there have been rumblings on whether the show could actually come back.”

Meghan previously said that after leaving Suits she was done with the entertainment industry. But fans will be watching to see if that holds true as rumblings grow that she is planning a big Hollywood comeback.