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We’ve been seeing a whole lot of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lately. After a disastrous 2023 in which the couple was savagely mocked by comedians, lost their deal with Spotify, were publically called “f****** grifters,” and landed on The Hollywood Reporter’s Biggest Losers List, the duke and duchess have rebranded.

Since the start of 2024, Meghan and Harry have been popping up doing appearance after appearance as Meghan launches her new lifestyle brand and Harry gets set to star in a documentary for Netflix about the sport of polo. But that’s not all, the Duchess of Sussex will also star in a new cooking and gardening show for the streaming platform. However, one commentator finds the descriptions for the shows inaccurate and says Meghan and Harry are using dirty tricks again to mislead people when these are really just their new reality shows.

Commentator says Prince Harry and Meghan ‘make his skin crawl’ with their ‘dirty’ tricks

Meghan Markle presents trophy to Prince Harry after his team the Royal Salute Sentebale Team defeated the Grand Champions Team
Meghan Markle presents trophy to Prince Harry after his team the Royal Salute Sentebale Team defeated the Grand Champions Team | Yaroslav Sabitov/PA Images via Getty Images

GB News host Darren Grimes slammed the Sussexes, insisting that their Netflix documentaries are disguised to be about other subjects but are really all about them again, and that “makes his skin crawl.”

Grimes cited Harry’s polo “documentary” as an example, telling Sky News: “This is clearly an attempt to create reality television by masquerading as a documentary on polo when actually it’s a documentary on these two [who always want] to be in the press.”

Grimes added: “They care more about press trinkets and getting money from Netflix and all of these other dirty things; selling out their family in order to sell a book that he could receive quite the helpful advance … They make my skin crawl!

“This isn’t about polo; this is about the prince. This isn’t about any kind of charitable endeavor; it’s about Meghan Markle. They both put themselves first, and they always have and will.”

Expert believes the duchess’s appearances aren’t just career-driven

As for the series Meghan will star in, it will be centered on “the duchess’s journeys with cooking, gardening, entertaining, and spending time with friends.” 

When speaking about Meghan specifically, another commentator shared their thoughts and believes that the duchess’s motivation to be in the spotlight so much ahead of her brand launch doesn’t just have to do with selling products.

To Di For Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield opined that it’s all part of the former Suits star’s “PR push” to stay relevant and get people to like her.

Schofield told Talk TV: “I think people really dislike Meghan, and it must absolutely destroy her or you wouldn’t see her fighting so hard to be relevant. I believe that this is a real PR push for Meghan Markle. Even in the description of these shows–‘cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship’–give me a barf bag.”

No release date has been announced yet for either of the upcoming Netflix programs.