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Royal watchers have been discussing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s appearance in Las Vegas in early November. The couple showed up in Sin City to see Katy Perry close out her residency at Resorts World. The event was also attended by a handful of other celebrities including Celine Dion.

While the Sussexes flew out of California on the same private plane owned by oil heir Michael Herd that Zoe Saldana and Cameron Diaz also boarded, it’s not known if the duke and duchess are friendly with either of the actors. But one commentator claims Meghan wants everyone to think they are and is really hoping she can forge some high-profile friendships in Hollywood because the former Suits star wants what Taylor Swift has.

Royal expert says ‘Meghan has been watching Swift’ and that’s what she wants

Royal commentator and To Di For Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield joined Rita Panahi on Sky News Australia and gave her take on the Sussexes attending Perry’s concert. Schofield opined that the appearance was just another opportunity for Meghan to be seen and try to project an image that she runs in the same circles as many other celebrities.

According to Schofield, “Meghan has been watching Taylor Swift. Meghan loves these visuals of Taylor Swift and her girl gang [with] Sophie Turner and Blake Lively … Meghan is desperate to have that same type of visual. So yes, she’s going to jump on a private plane despite preaching that we all need to watch our environmental footprint. She is jumping on private planes with Cameron Diaz and hobnobbing with Celine Dion because she watches Taylor Swift and is desperately trying to claim some of that universal love that Taylor has.”

Panahi responded: “Well whatever you think of Taylor Swift the girl actually works. She writes songs, she performs, and she tours the world. She’s got meaningful employment, which I’m not sure we can say about Meghan right now.”

Meghan asked to meet with Swift but the singer declined

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are seen out together in New York City
Actor Blake Lively and singer Taylor Swift are seen out together in New York City | Gotham/GC Images

Speaking of Swift and her girl squad, Meghan previously tried to connect with the “Look What You Made Me Do” artist but was turned down.

When Prince Harry’s wife was still doing her Archetypes podcast for Spotify, she had Swift at the top of her guest wish list to do an episode. According to reports, Swift was someone Meghan was dying to get on her podcast. She even reached out to the pop star personally via a hand-written letter asking if she would appear on an episode. But Swift rejected the Duchess of Sussex’s invitation by having her representatives tell Meghan no.

In June 2023, Spotify announced that it was ending its partnership and terminating its deal with the Sussexes after just one season of Meghan’s podcast. The deal was said to have been worth around $20 million, but people familiar with the matter stated that the couple did not reach the productivity benchmarks that would lead to the full payout.