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The Kate Middleton theories continue to take over the internet. Each day, there seems to be another logical (or not logical at all) explanation as to why Kate hasn’t been seen since Christmas. The Princess of Wales went in for planned “abdominal surgery” in mid-January and is reportedly recovering at home. But in her absence, people have begun to question the sincerity of the reason — even royal experts.

Now, one royal expert has said that Kate is intentionally taking a step back from royal duties and that she might never return, becoming an “absentee queen.”

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal expert says Kate Middleton could be an ‘absentee queen’

Kate Middleton’s disappearance technically started the day after Christmas, but it wasn’t until mid-January that Kensington Palace released any information about her. They noted she had a planned abdominal surgery and would be recovering until sometime after Easter.

But in the weeks since, Kate’s disappearance has gained global attention. The palace released another statement in early March that the family wouldn’t share any updates about Kate unless it were necessary, but when the public didn’t go for that, they tried to share a heavily edited photo that Kate eventually apologized for.

Royal expert Rob Shuter said on Good Day New York that Kate’s disappearance is a “combination” of health and marriage issues — and that she’s had enough of the working royal position and is looking to take a step back.

“Trouble in the marriage might have had a terrible effect on your health, which makes a lot of sense,” Shuter said. “Kate would rather be in the country with her dogs and kids, and that’s where she is now.”

“I have insiders tell me she could potentially leave the family as a working royal,” he continued. “She could follow Meghan and Harry and take a step back. I don’t think [William and Kate ] are getting divorced … but she will be an absentee queen.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What does ‘absentee queen’ even mean?

When Shuter revealed his thoughts on Kate’s future, he compared her to one well-known American first lady: Melania Trump. Melania served alongside her husband, Donald Trump, while he was president of the United States from 2017-2021. Shuter noted that Melania didn’t do “everything” that most first ladies did while in office, and that’s what he said people can expect of Kate — someone who is married to the king but prefers to remain a more private person and stay out of the spotlight.

The reason for Kate’s whereabouts remains unknown. It’s possible that inside sources are just starting trouble and that Kate is actually recovering from a medical issue. But the public likely won’t settle for never receiving an explanation. Kate’s original return date was sometime after Easter, so if the palace doesn’t offer a greater explanation, the conspiracy theories just might spin out of control.