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Royal family experts are still buzzing after seeing the first three installments of the Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan. Some commentators expressed their disappointment with Prince Harry and accused him of betraying his family. One expert believes Meghan Markle is “brainwashing” Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle is ‘brainwashing’ Prince Harry according to an expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry step inside an airplane in 2018.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Phil Noble – Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry appears to be deeply in love during his Netflix docuseries. When he turns to look at Meghan, it’s clear he believes he has found the one. During one scene, Harry says he made his decision pursuing a relationship with Meghan with his “heart” and not his “head.”

According to Harry, many men in his family choose the woman they will marry based on who fit the “mold.” However, he says this wasn’t the case for him because he follows with his heart, like his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry also spoke about how his main goal is protecting his family. He says he will do whatever he can to make sure they’re safe. One way he tried to keep Meghan safe was by leaving the United Kingdom and starting a new life in California. Biographer Tom Bower believes Prince Harry has been “brainwashed” by Meghan.

During an interview with Megyn Kelly, she asks Bower what he thinks of the docuseries. “He’s brainwashed,” says Bower. “Meghan is very clever.” Don’t think for a moment that she’s not convincing quite a lot of people, especially in America and Africa and the Caribbean and elsewhere, that somehow. she was thrown to the wolves. Of course, that’s completely untrue.”

Bower says some people will be convinced Meghan and Harry were “fed to the wolves,” but he doesn’t think that’s true. According to him, this is a story “produced by Hollywood.” Bower questions the identity of the people Meghan and Harry are referring to. “Who is ‘they’?” asks Bower. “Who actually threw them to the wolves? Who actually was not prepared to tell the truth on their behalf?”

Megyn Kelly says the trailer implies the royal family ‘fed’ Meghan and Harry ‘to the wolves’

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Kelly believes Meghan is talking about the royal family and those who work at the palace when she says she was “fed to the wolves.”

“They’ve already telegraphed ‘they’ is the royal family,” says Kelly. “In the first three [episodes], Harry comes out and says there’s the leaking of stories, meaning by the palace, and also the planting of stories. And he is absolutely getting ready to say in these next three episodes that the palace and its staffers, courtiers, whatever, were planting negative stories on him and her. That’s what I think [Meghan] means, clearly, by ‘they threw me to the wolves,’ or ‘they fed me to the wolves.’ By the way, it’s the same thing.”

Kelly says Harry claims negative news against him and Meghan was planted by the royal family. Bower believes Harry and Meghan are the ones responsible for the bad press because they “behaved so irrationally and hypocritically.”  

Tom Bower says the royal family will have to speak up

Bower believes the palace will have to respond eventually. He doesn’t think their silence will keep the duke and duchess from talking. According to him, the only way they can contain Meghan and Harry is by responding to their statements.

“I don’t think silence will silence [Meghan and Harry] anymore. The royal palace is going to have to come out and give their version because the only way the Sussexes can earn their living is by carrying on, regurgitating their moans and complaints and lies. And the only way for the palace in the end to silence it is to give a version of the truth.”

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