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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posted two photos from Archie’s christening over the weekend, and fans of the couple believe Prince William and Kate Middleton looked a bit “sour” in the pics. The images come amid rumors about a royal rift between William and Harry, who are allegedly going their separate ways as Harry embarks on a new journey as a father.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Harry and Markle announce Archie’s christening

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the adorable photos of Archie’s christening this week. The pics included two shots of the weekend ceremony, which was held inside Windsor Castle. Several members of the royal family were on hand to celebrate the occasion, including William and Middleton, who were included in one of the images.

In the family portrait, fans were quick to notice that Prince William does not look like he is having a good time. The Cambridges were situated opposite of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, who appeared to be happy they were invited.

“William doesn’t look happy at all!! And Kate has a forced smile on her face,” one fan shared on Twitter, while another added, “Kate doesn’t have a real smile on her face. She looks pained. William looks like he smelled something terrible.”

Archie is officially the seventh in the line of succession. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, led the ceremony on Saturday inside one of Windsor Castle’s private chapels. Harry and Meghan decided to keep the media out of the event but did share photos from the christening after the fact.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were Princess Diana’s siblings, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and Lady Jane Fellowes, along with Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland. The second photo the couple shared was a black and white pic of Markle and Harry holding Archie.

Fans roast Prince William and Kate Middleton on social media

In response to the christening photos, royal watchers took to social media in droves to criticize William and Middleton for looking unhappy in the photos. There is no denying that William could have smiled better for the photo, but Middleton at least appears to be happy on the outside. Fans, of course, bashed her on social media for faking her happiness and, at the very least, putting on a good show for the cameras.

Not all fans thought Kate Middleton and Prince William looked unhappy. Quite a few stuck up for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and some even thought William looked like he was just suppressing a laugh. Despite all of the rumors that insist something is amiss between the brothers, the royal family has yet to weigh in on the situation.

In fact, some inside sources claim that Harry and William still have issues about Markle and have already drifted away from each other. Whatever the truth, it was at least good to see the brothers together again, even if it was all for show.

Body language experts examine Archie’s christening

Amid all the feud rumors, body language experts have looked at the photos and believe there are clear signs of stress amongst the royals. Traci Brown, who authored the popular book, Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, noted that Prince William and Kate Middleton looked stiffer than normal in the photo.

To be fair, the royals always look a bit rigid in public, but Brown believes the two do not look relaxed at all. Not only is William hiding a smile, but he is also pulling his face towards the ground, which gives him a “sour look.”

As far as Middleton is concerned, Brown thinks she also looks more stressed than normal in the photo. Brown pointed out that William and Middleton are not leaning towards anyone in the family, which could indicate that the feud rumors are true.

That said, body language is a tricky thing to read and it does not always reveal motivations. If something is brewing between the brothers, only time will tell if it gets any worse. In the meantime, it is great watching Harry and Meghan Markle express their joy and it is clear they enjoy being new parents.

Although most members of the royal family were in attendance at the christening, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip did not make the event. They both had previous engagements they could not break.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not commented on the drama surrounding Archie’s christening.