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Sabrina Carpenter and Christina Aguilera started at the Disney Channel before they became hugely famous for their great songs. Carpenter said the “What a Girl Wants” singer was a major inspiration to her. Carpenter learned a lesson from one of Aguilera’s biggest songs.

Sabrina Carpenter was drawn to 1 Christina Aguilera song because of its vocals

During a 2018 interview with Teen Vogue, the “Espresso” singer discussed the tunes that defined her life. “I wasn’t forced to like one thing as a kid,” she said. “It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, you’re a kid, so you listen to pop music or you listen to these kinds.'” Carpenter revealed she felt drawn to soul music.

Carpenter said Aguilera’s “Beautiful” was a massive influence on her. “I don’t think I remember when I learned this song,” she said. “The reason why I say I learn songs instead of I heard them or I listen to them is because from the second I could open my mouth and speak, I just knew that I wanted to sing, so I think I always saw songs as a part of what I could do to showcase and develop my own voice.”

Sabrina Carpenter named the other songs that made her

Furthermore, Carpenter said she was drawn to “Beautiful” because of its vocals. “At a young age, I really gravitated toward the singers with really strong, powerful voices,” she said. “Also, just the message behind the song I think it helped me learn to just be open and accepting of everyone. The fact that this was one of the songs that was the most influential in my life, I carry the message with me.”

Carpenter wasn’t lying when she said music from different genres inspired her. Other tunes that she picked as essential to her life were The Beatles’ “Rocky Raccoon,” Etta James’ “At Last,” ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” Skeeter Davis’ “The End of the World,” The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun,” and Rihanna’s “Consideration.” That’s quite an eclectic mix of artists! Most great artists draw inspiration from musicians from many different genres, so Carpenter’s playlist is a very good sign.

Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ was part of a string of hit songs

“Beautiful” reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for 27 weeks. It’s Xtina’s longest-charting solo single on the Billboard Hot 100. The tune appeared on the record Stripped. That album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and remained on the chart for 79 weeks.

Stripped was arguably the most important record of Aguilera’s career. The album produced four other charting singles: “Dirrty” (which reached No. 48), “Fighter” (which reached No. 20), “Can’t Hold Us Down” (which reached No. 12), and “The Voice Within” (which reached No. 33). While each of those songs has fans, “Beautiful” was the most successful by far. It might be Aguilera’s most popular track today and it paved the way for the modern body positivity movement. Perhaps the reason “Beautiful” was so popular is that it wasn’t as risque as other tunes by the former Disney star, such as “Genie in a Bottle,” “Dirrty,” and “Candyman.”

“Beautiful” is one of the most beloved ballads of the 2000s, and it has had a massive influence on the current “it girl.”