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Samuel L. Jackson is one of the highest-grossing actors of today. Jackson has cultivated a sterling reputation throughout his career, and his work speaks for itself. As such, he takes some liberties during filming through his contracts. A clause in the star’s contract states that he needs two days a week to play golf, and production has to pay for his time off.

Samuel L. Jackson’s contract lets him take two days off to play golf

Samuel L. Jackson playing golf at the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in Paris, France
Samuel L. Jackson playing golf | Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

With the star power and screen presence that Samuel L. Jackson commands, it’s easy to see why directors would grant him all the pleasures he seeks. Jackson has a career spanning five decades. At 73, the actor has already garnered 202 acting credits. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his total of $250 million speaks for itself, but Jackson is committed to his work and doesn’t believe in “doing statue-chasing movies.”

Carving out a lucrative and legendary career like Jackson’s affords him the ability to cherry-pick projects and make demands, even the most absurd ones, and Jackson has found a way to include his hobby in his contract.

In a 2017 interview with the New York Times, Jackson revealed that he “can be a hard taskmaster for some directors.” However, he stated that he was or is at the point of his career where he gets to decide what goes or doesn’t.

Jackson told the outlet that he had his agents draft a clause that allowed him to go golfing twice a week whenever he pleased during filming. Interestingly, the clause also states that the studio must pay for his golfing and arrange transport to and from the golf club.

Samuel L. Jackson beat Tiger Woods in golf

Tiger Woods is a Hall of Fame golfer with a highly decorated career. Many have tried and failed to beat the seasoned golfer at his game, so an amateur beating him is a considerable achievement. Jackson recounted the time he “accidentally” beat the pro-golfer in 1998.

In a 2016 interview with Dan Patrick, Samuel L. Jackson said, “They gave me my 16 shots, and I shot 78 because he suggested that I stay close to him. Well, I did that exactly and shot 78, which means I beat him by about eight strokes.”

Jackson was almost 50 years old at the time when he was paired with Woods, who was then in his 20s. The two played for the Dunhill Cup at the famed Scottish course, St. Andrews. Jackson understandably appeared very proud of his “accidental” win.

Jackson began playing golf because of his competitiveness


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Samuel L. Jackson has been playing golf for a long time. He told CNN in 2013 that he started playing the sport when his friends “tricked” him into playing. He said, “They tricked me one day and told me they were going somewhere else and we ended up on a golf course.”

Jackson said he hated that they were better at it, saying, “I didn’t like the fact that they could do something that I couldn’t, and I started playing.” Jackson said he can shoot 27 holes at a time, noting that he plays golf daily when he isn’t at work.

The actor uses his love for the game for good deeds as he holds fundraises for his annual Shooting Stars charity, raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. He is also a regular participant in celebrity golf competitions, including the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and has also played golf worldwide. Jackson said golf allows him to “learn if a person is patient, if a person is volatile or envious.”