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Sarah Jessica Parker is one of America’s most beloved performers. Her starring role in Sex and the City ensured her a place in pop culture history. And her parts in movies like Hocus Pocus helped cement her status as a talented star. While many fans follow Parker’s professional as well as personal life, it is likely that not many people know how much of a foodie she is. Over the past several years, however, Parker has not only dished about her favorite foods, and the ones that she eats on a regular basis, but about the one food that she really can’t stand.

What foods does Sarah Jessica Parker eat on a regular basis?

sarah jessica parker food
Sarah Jessica Parker attends the Hocus Pocus 2 World Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square on September 27, 2022 in New York City. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Disney

Just like many people, Parker regularly turns to “comfort foods” that have become a regular part of her weekly routine. In a 2021 interview with Grub Street, Parker opened up about a few of her favorite foods. “I love cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes, or really good cherry tomatoes, and I love Breakstone’s 2-percent-fat cottage cheese. Love,” Parker said. “I don’t like nonfat, because I think, ‘What’s the point?’ It breaks my heart.”

She also revealed that she is a big fan of her husband, actor Matthew Broderick’s, special recipe for Bolognese sauce with spaghetti. “Matthew makes Bolognese once a week; everybody goes crazy for it,” Parker said. “In the last ten months, I would say he’s done four or five different versions. He’s determined to find the best recipe. We’re all quizzed about it. We’re all basically given a report card: What do you like about this one? It’s like he’s looking for the holy grail in Bolognese.”

What is Sarah Jessica Parker’s least favorite food?

Parker doesn’t just have particular food and drink favorites — there are certain things that she doesn’t enjoy as well. In a Vogue 73 Questions interview, she was asked about what her least-favorite food is. Without hesitation, the actor replied, “parsley.” While Parker didn’t expand on her reasons for disliking parsley, it is not uncommon to develop strong aversions to herbs. Parsley doesn’t have a very strong flavor, but it is often used in pasta dishes and soups as a seasoning.

She also revealed that the weirdest thing she’s eaten is Kokorec, which is lamb or goat innards, and that her favorite pizza toppings are sausage, peppers, and onions. Parker’s all-time favorite drink is Coca-Cola, the classic soda drink. And she always reaches for milk chocolate when given the option between milk or dark chocolate. Finally, Parker acknowledged that while she loves a lot of desserts, her favorite dessert is the brownies made by her sister.

Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about an indulgent side dish


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In Parker’s Grub Street interview, she opened up about another one of her favorite dishes, lemon potatoes — specifically, lemon potatoes from Greece. “When you have them in Greece, or you have them in Astoria, they taste a certain way. It’s almost like they were maybe boiled and then baked, because there’s a smoothness inside to the potato,” Parker said. She added, “It’s not that you want it crisp, necessarily, because true Greek lemon potatoes have the skin on the exterior that’s not the actual jacket of the potato. It’s a very specific thing.”

Parker said that the herbs have to be just right for lemon potatoes, wondering “What herb won’t eclipse that strong lemon flavor? But then you don’t want too much lemon flavor, either. Lemon potatoes are me trying to get to Greece. It’s all so … ahhh.”