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Shark Tank | ABC
Shark Tank | ABC

Shark Tank is a TV show that allows business owners to make their dreams come true by providing them with major investments and exposure. There are products that became a huge success after the show, but not all contestants have been as lucky.

Even if someone is fortunate enough to walk away with a shark’s money, the deal can fall through or the business can still fail. Sometimes this is due to a business blowing up too fast and not being able to keep up with demand. Other times the deals on the show never truly come to fruition due to an unsuccessful negotiation.

1. The Body Jac


Jack Barringer struggled with losing weight and was told by his doctor to do push-ups. But this was difficult for the inventor, so he came up with something to help him out. The Body Jac is a machine that will help you do push-ups.

However, in order to get investment money, one of the investors suggested that Barringer should lose some weight. “I thought, ‘Nobody’s going to buy that product when they see that big gut,'” investor Barbara Corcoran said according to NY Daily News. The inventor had to lose 30 pounds. He did and got $180,000 invested into his business. Half of that came from Corcoran and the other half came from Kevin Harrington. But this business deal didn’t have a happy ending.

The company has seemingly fallen apart without any given reason. “My worst was investing in a fast-talking cowboy selling exercise equipment who needed to lose 50 pounds,” Corcoran told Forbes. “Instead, he lost my $50,000.”