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Single’s Inferno 2 had some tearful moments, but the Netflix cast wasn’t always there for them. Kim Jin-young watches Seul-ki with Choi Jong-woo and realizes the moment she starts liking him more. 

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Single’s Inferno 2 finale.] 

Seul-ki broke down crying on ‘Single’s Inferno 2’

It looked like Seul-ki and Jin-young had an instant connection in the inferno. They chose each other for paradise as soon as they could.

Sparks flew between them as they ate dinner. The night ended with them in the pool together. Jin-young took her hand to lead her in the water.

But Seul-ki felt less confident with their connection as the season continued. She broke down crying to Jong-woo, who had a crush on her since the beginning. The pianist explained that she understood him more since she was struggling too.

Jin-young finds out Seul-ki wanted to go to paradise with Jong-woo

The men and women were filmed watching the season separately for a YouTube video. They watched Jong-woo comfort Seul-ki when she cried about Jin-young being in paradise with Lim Min-su a second time.

“Is she crying?” Jin-young asked when Seul-ki teared up. The ladies laughed when Jong-woo gave her wet wipes to wipe her tears away. 

“That’s how innocent he is,” Seul-ki claimed. 

“He was desperate to get her something,” Choi Seo-eun said. They laughed again when Jong-woo held up a mirror for her to fix her makeup.

“You made her feel better,” Kim Han-bin said.

“You’re so witty,” Jin-young added. “You look genuinely worried.”

Jin-young reacted when Seul-ki revealed she wanted to win the opportunity to go to paradise with him. “It wasn’t me,” Jin-young told the guys, surprised. 

The women were also surprised by this. “Wow,” Lee Nadine said. “I didn’t know,” Min-su revealed. 

Jong-woo then told her that he’d win no matter what. The men were shocked. “That’s foreshadowing,” Jin-young said. Han-bin started clapping. Dong-woo also said he didn’t know about this conversation.

Seul-ki and Jong-woo reveal how they felt at the time

Jin-young, Jong-woo, and Yoong-jae in 'Single's Inferno' Season 2 Episode 8.
Jin-young, Jong-woo, and Yoong-jae in ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 Episode 8 | via Netflix

“I still remember that moment,” the pianist said. “It was really hard at the time. Even though I tried, I couldn’t figure out what was on the other person’s mind. I really wanted to win the game. But it didn’t go as I expected.”

She said the book Jong-woo gave her was comforting. “I was so grateful that someone thought about me when I was struggling the most,” Seul-ki explained. 

Jong-woo said his feelings in that situation were complicated. “I told her no matter what happens, she should stay calm because she’s doing well,” he said. Jong-woo was determined to win to go to paradise with Seul-ki to learn more about her.

His opportunity came with the next male challenge. All of them had to wrestle each other in a pit. The losers are pushed out of the circle. The match came down to Jo Yoong-jae, Jong-woo, and Jin-young. Jong-woo managed to place second after they teamed up against him.