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Single’s Inferno 2 shows new singles trying to make connections. But who failed to make a good impression on the first day? Here is everything you need to know about those who didn’t receive a postcard on the Netflix show.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Single’s Inferno 2.]

Who doesn’t receive a postcard on the first day of ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2?

Episode 1 showed the singles coming to the inferno and seeing each other for the first time. They also separated into groups to look around the area, which included the water well, and three different places to talk.

The reality TV cast then cooked dinner together with the water they gathered, diakons, and a cauldron. The night ended with the cast eating together, then giving each other postcards.

Sadly, Lee So-e didn’t receive any postcards. She went to drink ice water with Jo Yoong-jae and Park Se-jeong. Yoong-jae helped take out a splinter in Se-jeong’s foot. He then kept checking on her when they walked back. 

So-e wasn’t the only person to be left out. Kim Han-bin also received no postcards. He hung out with Shin Dong-woo and Lee Nadine. Dong-woo spent a lot of time asking Nadine questions about how she works out. Han-bin also was very focused on cooking later instead of talking to other single women.

Who are Han-bin and So-e interested in?

So-e said Yoong-jae made the best first impression because his cologne smelled nice when he sat next to her. However, he had his eyes on Se-jeong because of how she started conversations. 

Episode 2 showed So-e not giving up. She talked to Se-jeong alone about the report he was reading. She admitted to him that she was nervous yesterday and asked to get to know him better. 

The women then competed in a game of chicken. So-e won and picked to have a meal with Yoong-jae and Jong-woo. Yoong-jae seemed to be warming up by complimenting So-e’s earrings and asking what she’s like in a relationship.

Han-bin said Choi Seo-eun made the best first impression. He found himself staring at her, but she is more interested in Choi Jong-woo. In episode 2, the rest of the cast ate sweet potatoes for lunch together. Han-bin sat across Seo-eun and joked with her.

Do Han-bin and So-e make it to paradise?

Official poster of Netflix dating series 'Single's Inferno' Season 2.
Official poster of Netflix dating series ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 | via Netflix

The second episode ended with the cast revealing who they chose to go to paradise with, but the other person has to pick them too to leave. So-e, Se-jeong, and Seo-eun picked Yoong-jae for paradise. He picked Seo-eun and went with her.

It looks like Han-bin is still struggling to find a connection in paradise, but there is a lot more time to go. The teaser for the next episodes shows the pairs in paradise together, and a new man and woman comes to the inferno. The new episodes come to Netflix on Dec. 20.