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While Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno Season 2 may be over, fans still cling to its contestants. The emotional finale had fan-favorite couples leave the deserted island together, but one big question remains. Which of the couples ended up dating in real life? Fans are curious to know if Se-jun and So-e’s feelings for each other crossed over into romance after Single’s Inferno Season 2. In a recent post, Se-jun shows his love for So-e.

Se-jun and So-e during 'Single's Inferno' Season 2.
Se-jun and So-e during ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 | via Netflix

Se-jun felt at ease with So-e while on ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2

Fans became eternally grateful for Se-jun when he joined the cast of Single’s Inferno Season 2. Until his arrival, So-e faced heartbreak twice over her feelings for Yoong-jae. She had likely given up on the idea that she would leave the island with someone. Se-jun’s arrival was a breath of fresh air and proved to the knight in shining armor So-e deserved. Her inherent kindness to him on his first day had won him over, and Se-jun could not stop thinking about her.

During their date in Paradise in Single’s Inferno Season 2, he made it abundantly clear that he wanted her to feel happy and at ease. There was also no denying their sweet and subtle touches. Their glistening looks toward one another and Se-jun’s habit of trying to hide his smile from her. Throughout the rest of the dating series, they had many heartfelt conversations, and Se-jun assured So-e that she deserved to be happy.

During a conversation on the beach, So-e explained she had changed her mindset and said, “I decided to make the choice that will make me happy.” She adds, “I am going to make a choice that won’t hurt me and will make me the happiest.” Her words made Se-jun blush and hide his bursting smile from her.

Se-jun and So-e’s growing relationship was heartwarming. In the Single’s Inferno Season 2 finale, they became the first couple to leave Inferno together. Even on their walk off the beach, Se-jun could not help but act like a boyfriend and wanted to protect her when she admitted to almost tripping the other day.

Se-jun asks fans to give So-e their love in an Instagram post

Since the end of the dating series, the cast has met to do promotions. But fans quickly realized they had all become close friends. Their Instagrams reveal them gathering to take photo booth pictures. They also comment sweet messages on each other’s posts and post funny photos of Se-jun sleeping. But fans are more interested in Se-jun and So-e.

Fans may remember that while they were leaving Inferno, So-e promised to visit Se-jun at Ascottage, where he works as a tailor with Single’s Inferno’s Oh Jin-taek. Her promise came true when Se-jun’s co-worker Jay Lee posted a photo of her visiting on his Instagram, @mrleegent. But Se-jun soon gave fans the juiciest and sweetest Instagram post about So-e.

Among the very calculated and work-related posts on Se-jun’s feed, he broke his pattern to post two photos of him and So-e. In both Instagram photos, he has his arms securely around her shoulders. But what had fans jumping with glee was his caption. In a rough translation, he writes a heartfelt caption, “Please show a lot of love to So E~ She’s a very kind kid. Please give her your love.”

Is it an admittance of their romantic relationship? Fans are taking it as a big hint because Se-jun went out of his way to specifically post photos of them together. His use of emoji also has fans speculating it is in reference to the ASL symbol for “I love you.” But fans have also noticed a few clues that may or may not point to them dating.

Are Se-jun and So-e dating after ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2?

The cast has had a few months to settle down as everything was filmed during the summer months. While Nadine is in her own flurry of dating rumors after Single’s Inferno Season 2, So-e and Se-jun are stirring the pot with their own. So far, none of the couples have announced they are officially dating. But certain unavoidable clues have fans hoping Se-jun and So-e are dating or good friends.


‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 Finale: Did Se-jun Win Over So-e’s Heart by the End of the Dating Series?

Nadine has posted on her Instagram story, @deeenerss, a photo of Se-jun sleeping on the floor. Fans quickly realized he was using Se-jun’s handbag as a pillow based on a group photo of the cast. In a photo of the cast on the island, fans also noticed Se-jun had his arm comfortably secured around So-e’s neck and shoulders. For now, fans can only hope the two developed further feelings for one another, but it is up to them to reveal if they are dating.