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Sister Wives fans have spent 17 seasons watching the Brown family implode right before their very eyes. While the polygamist family originally insisted its plural marriage functioned perfectly well, the Browns have since changed their tune. Fans of the infamous TLC series are largely in agreement about most things. Still, some viewers have unpopular Sister Wives opinions. They recently sounded off on Reddit about their most controversial views of Sister Wives and the Brown family. 

Robyn Brown seated during a confessional for TLC's 'Sister Wives.'
Robyn Brown seated during a confessional for TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Some fans think Christine Brown isn’t as innocent as she seems 

When Christine Brown announced the end of her marriage to Kody, she became the defacto star of Sister Wives. Fans of the series were so excited to see someone free themselves of a troubled marriage that they put the formal plural wife on a pedestal. For many Sister Wives fans, Christine Brown can do absolutely no wrong. 

Not everyone agrees with that sentiment, though. A small group of Sister Wives viewers don’t see Christine in a totally positive light. Over the last two years, several fans have pointed out that Christine is deeply flawed and wasn’t an innocent victim in her marriage. A few viewers even think Christine would still be with Kody Brown if she had been getting his physical affection, regardless of how poorly he treated their children. 

A small group of ‘Sister Wives’ viewers think Robyn Brown wasn’t out to ruin the Browns 

For years, Robyn Brown has been seen as the villain of Sister Wives along with Kody Brown. Fans of the series largely argue that Robyn entered the family and purposefully attempted to drive a wedge between Kody and his first three wives. She is often described as manipulative, fake, and selfish.

Yes, it’s true that Robyn’s entrance into the family altered the Brown’s entire dynamic. Still, not everyone is convinced Robyn married Kody Brown with the expressed desire to ruin their plural lifestyle. In fact, some fans truly believe Robyn is saddened by how everything between Kody and his other three wives has shaken out.

It’s possible she drove the final nail into the plural family’s coffin. Still, a few fans believe Kody’s other marriages would have broken up regardless of how Robyn acted. Sure, it’s a controversial Sister Wives opinion, but it’s one we can get behind. 

The most controversial ‘Sister Wives’ opinion might be that the Brown family isn’t all that unique


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Since 2010, Sister Wives fans have watched the Brown family’s plural marriage play out. Since plural marriage is practiced by so few people, viewers naturally pinpointed behaviors that they found strange or simply incompatible with a healthy relationship from the perspective of more mainstream relationships and family dynamics. Sure, all of whatt went on with the Brown wives may be odd to the average person. Still, one Sister Wives viewer has pointed out that the Browns aren’t all that unique in the context of the family’s religion. 

In a Reddit post about controversial Sister Wives opinions, one viewer pointed out that all of the troubling features of the Browns’ plural marriage weren’t troubling to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, or Christine Brown because the family structure was typical for their culture. Quick courtships, a “hierarchy” of wives, and designated roles for each wife are commonplace within the culture. Simply put, the wives “put up” with so much because it didn’t feel out of the norm. The Browns’ plural marriage was troubled, but it wasn’t unique.