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The Brown family, famed for their show Sister Wives, picked up and left their Las Vegas cul-de-sac in search of a new life in Flagstaff, Arizona. While Kody Brown, along with his four wives, insisted that Flagstaff was their forever home, fans remain unconvinced. In fact, several family followers believe the Browns will skip town long before they build a house on the expansive property they purchased.

How long ago did the Brown family move to Flagstaff, Arizona?

The Brown family moved to Flagstaff Arizona in the summer of 2018, much to the chagrin of several family members and residents of Flagstaff. The reason behind the move, and it’s haphazard nature, remains shrouded in mystery, though.

Kody once alleged that the family never planned to stay in Las Vegas longterm, and felt like Flagstaff fit their needs better. The small, inclusive city, is home to great weather and beautiful natural landscapes, but, as several residents have pointed out, the Browns don’t exactly fit in. Flagstaff is not exactly a gathering place for polygamists, nor are the residents as accepting as the people who call Las Vegas home.

Family followers have long surmised that Robyn Brown and her children were the reason for the hasty move. It’s believed that Robyn pushed moving to the state because her eldest child, Dayton, expressed interest in attending school in the area. He has since enrolled in Northern Arizona University, and it looks like Robyn’s daughter, Aurora, also has an interest in attending the school.

Why haven’t the family broken ground on the land?

So far, nothing is happening on the Brown family’s Coyote Pass property. In fact, not a single permit has been opened or closed on the property. The only thing the Brown family appears to have done is to separate the property into different parcels, and have a picnic or two. No construction crews or trucks have been seen on the property, either.

Why exactly they haven’t broken ground remains to be seen. While fans are watching the Browns battle over what type of home they’ll build on the current season of the series, the footage was captured a year ago. Nothing has happened in the interim, and that certainly seems concerning. Has the family run out of money? Have they given up on the dream? Time will only tell.

Will the Brown family move before they break ground?

The Brown family is quickly approaching the second anniversary of their move, and yet, nothing is happening. Fans now believe the family is more likely to move away from Flagstaff than to build on the land they purchased in 2018. The reason seems simple; the family is more unstable than it has ever been, and the pressure of building a home, or a series of homes, is unlikely to make that better.

Many believe that Kody and his four wives will abandon the building project and find a new place to call home. Several see the family potentially heading back to Utah, which recently passed legislation that makes polygamy a bit easier to pull off in the state. Fans who watched the first season of the series may remember that the Browns left Utah in haste after they believed they were going to be prosecuted for their polygamist lifestyle.