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Janelle Brown does not want to reconcile with Kody Brown. The estranged second wife has made that clear throughout season 18 of Sister Wives. Kody just doesn’t want to hear that and claims he might just need to get more “serious” about his reconciliation efforts. It seems unlikely that those efforts will bring positive results for him because he isn’t telling Janelle what she wants to hear. In a sneak peek clip, Janelle revealed that Kody hasn’t spoken about them as a couple during his reconciliation chats. 

Janelle Brown reveals exactly what Kody has not said to her about reconciling 

Janelle Brown has made it clear that reconciling with Kody Brown isn’t on the table any longer. That is because of his actions. In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Janelle explains that in all of their chats about reconciling, Kody has never once discussed her as a person. 

In the clip posted to YouTube, Janelle reveals that Kody has never said that he wants to reconcile because he loves or misses her. Rather, he’s focused on Janelle’s relationship with her former sister wives, most notably Robyn Brown. 

Kody Brown remains focused on ‘the family’ in reconciliation chats with Janelle Brown 

Janelle has kept an open mind about her union with Kody Brown, claiming she still feels affection for him through most of season 18. Still, Kody is doing very little to convince Janelle to give it another shot. While Janelle is looking for any indication that Kody is interested in loving her specifically, he still hasn’t said what she needs to hear. 

Instead, Janelle says Kody is focused on the “family” and getting the family back together. That might have been of interest to Janelle years ago when she was still raising young children. The “family” is less important than her individual romance at this point, though. Since Kody isn’t focused on her, she’s not focused on reconciling, and that makes total sense. 

Is Kody Brown a monogamist?

Kody Brown started Sister Wives as an outspoken proponent of polygamy. He insisted that he was happy with his four wives and that their plural family functioned in a healthy manner. After years of watching Kody interact with his wives and hearing them tell the tale of living a plural lifestyle, we aren’t sure any of that is true. 

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown embrace for a prmotional photo for 'Sister Wives'
Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

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We can say for certain that Kody is currently operating as a monogamist. It’s obvious that he has been for some time. Whether he’ll reconsider his stance and bring a new wife into the family is anyone’s guess. For now, though, Kody has just one wife and is clearly living monogamy.