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Fans of Sister Wives are painfully aware that there is some serious tension between Kody Brown and his four wives. What they didn’t know until recently is that there is tension between some of Kody’s 18 children. Paedon Brown took to Instagram last week to, essentially, confirm that he and his half-sister, Mariah Brown, don’t see eye-to-eye.

Are Mariah Brown and Paedon Brown feuding?

Mariah and Paedon appear to be feuding, or, at the very least, Paedon is making his feelings about his big sister known. Paedon took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement last week. Fans were quick to suggest Paedon didn’t seem to understand the spirit of the campaign and invited him to speak to his big sister, Mariah.

Paedon shot back, stating that Mariah’s thoughts on the subject wouldn’t make a difference to him. He said, “I love Mariah very much, but we can’t stand each other.” While fans have long assumed many of the Brown kids don’t get along, it is the first time one has publicly acknowledged any familial rift.

Mariah’s fiancée, Audrey Kriss, came to her defense

Mariah may not have commented on Paedon’s statements, but she didn’t have to. Her fiancée, Audrey Kriss, came to her defense. Audrey took to Paedon’s comment section to make her feelings on the Black Lives Matter movement known. She also informed Paedon that she didn’t care for his statements about Mariah.

The comment is no longer available, but Reddit users captured the exchange. In her comment, Audrey stated, “Black lives matter, and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here. ‘Mariah and I can’t stand each other’ that’s not what you were thinking when you called her crying weeks ago.” From the looks of it, Paedon didn’t respond. Instead, he shut down his Instagram comments. Audrey didn’t elaborate on why Paedon called his sister.  

Paedon has since shut down his Instagram comments

After Audrey left a comment, and several other commenters brought up Mariah, Paedon decided to shut down comments on the post. He has not come back to Instagram since. The break may be a good idea, considering how heated the exchange got. Mariah has not publicly spoken about Paedon, although her own recent post suggests she had cut people out of her life who do not share her political views.


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Paedon is the son of Christine Brown and Kody. He is the third of Christine’s six children with Kody, and Kody’s seventh child. Mariah is Meri Brown and Kody’s only child together. Mariah is just three years older than Paedon, but the pair have taken incredibly different paths in life. Paedon is currently enlisted in the military, while Mariah is living in Chicago while pursuing an advanced degree.