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Robyn and Kody Brown have struggled in their marriage on TLC’s Sister Wives Season 14. Their prolonged argument over renting vs. buying a home got so heated that it eventually began to affect their five children—especially 17-year-old Aurora Brown, who experiences periodic panic attacks.

But things between the polygamist couple were worse than ever before on the Mar. 22 episode, “Robyn vs. Kody.” Kody insisted they needed to buy a home within a matter of days, while Robyn was afraid of what that might mean in terms of taking money away from the funds they needed to build on the Brown family’s communal property, Coyote Pass. As Kody and Robyn’s fight continued, their children began to take notice.

Aurora, Mariah, Kody, Mykelti, Aspyn, and Logan Brown
Aurora, Mariah, Kody, Mykelti, Aspyn, and Logan Brown | Denise Truscello/WireImage

Robyn told Kody not to talk about serious topics in front of their children

As Robyn and Kody went house hunting in Flagstaff on the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody’s fourth wife seemed to imply that her husband had started to allow their tensions to spill over and affect their kids.

Kody knelt down to his youngest daughter, Ariella Brown, and told her, “We have to leave our home. I need a new house for my sweetie. Can you help me look at this one?”

Robyn, naturally, wasn’t pleased that Kody was involving their preschool-aged daughter in their marital issues. “I don’t want to involve our kids in Kody and I’s disagreement,” the Sister Wives star said. “I don’t want to use them as pawns.”

Meanwhile, Kody, too, admitted that his argument with Robyn was starting to affect everyone and everything around them. They’d never fought so much in their decade of marriage. “We’re in a state of anger with each other,” he confessed.

Tensions between the polygamist couple escalated while they looked for a home

As Kody and Robyn’s kids looked on nervously, the Sister Wives couple argued and bickered their way through one showing. Robyn still wanted to rent, while Kody demanded they make an offer as soon as possible on an available Flagstaff home.

“I think that I must be pushing buttons and making her mad, I think,” Kody said after Robyn snapped at him.

“I’m still waiting. God’s gonna provide the perfect rental,” Robyn insisted when Kody backed off. “I don’t know how God could not provide a rental.”

“What’s wrong with the argument that he’s got a different plan for us?” her husband wondered.

“We’ll talk about that later,” Robyn snapped, “not in front of the kids.”

According to Kody, Robyn’s refusal to rent instead of buy was all about the big picture—the good of the Brown family as a whole. “She’s supporting my big picture, she’s being a good wife, a good plural wife,” the Sister Wives star told TLC producers.

But, he claimed, that loyalty was potentially harming her own kids. “Her loyalty to the whole family, big picture, is keeping her from doing something she needs for her and her kids right now.”

Kody’s fourth wife demanded that he not ‘freak out their kids’ anymore

Before another house tour, Robyn and Kody agreed not to argue in front of the children anymore. “Anything we’ve got going on between us, we’ll discuss it at home,” Robyn promised, adding that she wanted the kids to have a “positive experience.”

But their truce was short-lived, as Kody told Aurora and Breanna Brown that they’d have to switch schools if they chose a certain house.

“I really like this house,” Aurora told her dad.

“You’d have to go to a different school,” Kody advised her.

Aurora began to visibly panic in response. Her face went white as she said, “What?!” in fear.

Robyn jumped into the conversation, chiding Kody for worrying her teen daughters. “No, we are not going to a different school,” she promised Aurora and Breanna.

Kody’s fourth wife complained that he wasn’t keeping true to their agreement to keep serious issues away from the kids. “Kody is freaking my girls out,” the 41-year-old mom of five told TLC producers.

Meanwhile, Kody said he didn’t know exactly what, if anything, he had done wrong. “I’m not supposed to talk about the fact that it’s in a different school zone?” he wondered.

“Don’t stress my kids out. They’re already stressed out,” Robyn complained to her three sister wives in a sit-down interview. “Kody’s sitting there just throwing out whatever’s coming out of his mouth!”

“Where is his muzzle?” Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, exclaimed.

Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, suggested his behavior was all about his stress level. “When he starts feeling desperate, like there’s nowhere for him to go, he starts being really dumb,” the Sister Wives star agreed.

During the episode, Robyn took to Twitter to complain about the pain her argument with Kody had caused their kids. “Kody thought he could use the kids and the real estate agent to help influence me,” she lamented on social media. “He didn’t understand how much I was standing my ground FOR the kids!”