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The Brown family’s dynamic has spiraled out of control, and family followers believe the move to Flagstaff, Arizona is what has caused the majority of familial strife. While the family can’t decide on what to do with their parcel of land, fans are focused on why precisely the family ended up in Arizona. While Kody Brown insists that his family, including his four wives, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, never intended to live in Las Vegas long term, the move seemed pretty rushed. Some fans have theorized that Robyn was the mastermind behind the move, and a recent tweet may give their theory some credence.

The entire Brown family wasn’t on board with the move

While Kody was ready to leave Las Vegas, his whole family wasn’t into the idea. Meri Brown has had a particularly difficult time adjusting to her new state, and some fans believe she might actually be living back in Las Vegas, more than a year after the family picked up and left Sin City.

Janelle Brown also had her reservations about the move. To be fair, Janelle’s concerns seemed to be directly related to her children’s ability to cope. Janelle and Kody’s son, Gabriel Brown, had a particularly difficult time with the idea of moving. He has since graduated from high school early and has enrolled in Northern Arizona University. That doesn’t mean he was happy with the idea of leaving his life in Las Vegas, though.

Fans assume Robyn was behind the idea to move

Family followers have long thought that Robyn was the reason the family was forced to pick up their lives and move to a new state in record time. More precisely, fans believe Robyn’s eldest son was the motivation to move. Dayton Brown, Robyn’s college-aged son, enrolled in NAU shortly after the family arrived in Flagstaff.

Family followers suggest that Dayton’s school choice is no coincidence. Many believe that Robyn pushed the move because she was aware of Dayton’s interest in attending college in Arizona. Robyn has suggested that Dayton is not yet ready to be off on his own. While the family has never discussed his diagnosis, it is believed that he is not neurotypical, based on what Robyn and Kody have said.

Robyn’s recent Twitter posts have offered concrete evidence that fans were right

Robyn took to Instagram to discuss her children following an episode of Sister Wives. Robyn, in an effort to defend the size of her home, has suggested that her two eldest children both wish to live at home while they attend college. She claims that a large house makes sense for her because she’ll need to accommodate her children into their early adulthood if all goes according to plan. She also claims that the savings on room and board will allow the family to afford their expansive abode.

The admission has fueled fans’ assumption that the entire family was asked to leave their homes because Robyn didn’t like the idea of sending her children away to college. After all, it would make sense that Robyn would want to move closer to her children’s intended schools if she really wants them to avoid living in dorms. Robyn has suggested that Dayton picked his college after the move, but most fans are not buying it.