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On the Sister Wives Season 16 premiere, Kody Brown is trying to figure out how to make all of his wives happy. Christine Brown is adamant about moving back to Utah, while Janelle says she is staying in Flagstaff, Arizona, no matter what. A frustrated Kody calls his wives “two princesses giving ultimatums.”

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown sitting together on the couch on 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown and Janelle Brown on ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Christine wants to move to Utah and Janelle wants to stay in Arizona

On Sister Wives Season 16, Christine discussed the idea of moving back to Utah to be near family. Robyn, Janelle, and Meri don’t see a reason to return to Utah. Janelle tells Christine, “There’s nothing for me in Utah. Nothing.”

Christine is distraught that she’s the only one who wants to move back home. Kody says, “Christine, her reaction to the rejection of the idea of moving to Utah was so negative, so emotional.” However, he didn’t understand her extreme reaction to the idea of living on Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, Arizona, with the rest of the family. Christine thinks it’s “obvious” that they’re not going to ever build on the property, as it’s been two years that zero progress has been made.

Kody Brown calls Christine and Janelle ‘two princesses giving ultimatums’

On the Nov 21 episode of Sister Wives (via discovery+), Kody decides to check in with the other three wives regarding Christine wanting to move back to Utah. He wants to gauge their temperature on the idea of moving back. Janelle, the first one he speaks to, tells him flat-out that she will stay even if Kody and the rest of the sister wives move. That’s how much she loves Flagstaff.

Kody asks Janelle, “Could you be just as happy in Utah?” Janelle tells the cameras, “You can go be in Utah, do your thing. I don’t care.” Kody is fed up with Christine and Janelle’s extreme stances on the idea of moving. He says, “Ultimately, what’s happening in my life now as this unfolds, is two princesses giving ultimatums.”

Will the Brown family move to Utah or stay in Arizona?

Kody explained, “This is the discussion I’ve had with Christine. I’m totally interested in living in St. George area. [It] doesn’t have to be St. George.” He also thinks that he could convince Robyn and Meri to go back as well. However, Robyn was not on board. She said that she is tired of moving around and wants to make Flagstaff her home.


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Meri was also not on board with moving to Utah. It appears that the majority of the Brown family is choosing to stay in Flagstaff and want to build on the land on Coyote Pass. As of Nov 2, Christine decided to leave Kody and has moved back to Utah. Since the separation, Christine and her youngest daughter, Truley, have been residing in Murray, Utah. She sold her home in Flagstaff and bought a $1.1 million duplex in Murray.

The family was “kicked out” of Utah after a law change cracking down on polygamy. However, now that it’s decriminalized, most of the sister wives aren’t interested in returning. Could they change their minds in the future? Fans will have to keep watching Sister Wives Season 16 to find out where the family will end up.