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After years of watching Sister Wives star Kody Brown at war in his marriages to Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown claims to be getting a taste of the backlash they felt. In part three of season 18’s tell-all, Robyn cries over Kody, says, “he’s angry,” and “picks fights.”

Robyn Brown sobbed over relationship trouble with Kody Brown

During a sit-down with tell-all host Sukana Krishnan, Robyn Brown lived up to her unflattering fan nickname of “Sobbin Robyn.” The reality star cried over the difficulties in her relationship with Kody Brown.

“What he’s doing is he’s self-sabotaging,” Robyn said. “He’s angry. He tries to [implode].”

She continued through tears, “He tries to [sabotage our relationship], and I have to stop him all the time.”

“We’re in different places about the bomb that went off on our family. I’m in a major place of mourning, and he’s angry and doesn’t want to [talk about it].”

However, this wasn’t the only bombshell the couple revealed throughout their separate interviews. Kody shared that he entertained the thought of beginning another relationship outside his legal marriage.

Kody Brown admits to thoughts of taking a lover outside of Robyn Brown’s marriage

Piggybacking on Robyn Brown’s comments of Kody Brown sabotaging their marriage, the Sister Wives patriarch admitted to thoughts of cheating on his wife. However, he reportedly did not follow through with his declaration.

“I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover and looking at this lover and going, ‘I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman. I’m in love with a woman that I left because I was too much a piece of s*** to manage the relationship,'” he explained.

“What it was is just anger, and I’m embarrassed. So, you get embarrassed, and then you become self-deprecating. It’s like, just bad behavior.”

Kody concluded, “A lot of dark winds were going through me. A lot of the devil, a lot of temptation, which would be destructive of my relationship with Robyn. So, I dealt with a lot of anger, and she would get frustrated. My anger was a turn-off. It was scary.”

Fans weigh in on the couple’s reported marriage struggles

Sister Wives fans weighed in on Robyn and Kody Brown’s declarations in the comments section of the show’s Facebook post. Their fury was palatable.

“His anger caused his three wives and all their children to be estranged from him. That’s not love, that’s power and control,” wrote one fan.

“You got him. Where are your tears, Sobbin Robbin? You got what you wanted. The others out, and you’re in,” penned a second fan.

“Lol, the only reason their relationship was doing well was because of the other wives. She didn’t have to do any heavy lifting. While they got the vitriol, she got the princess treatment,” deduced a third Facebook user.

“She’s so fake, an absolute covert narcissist. Kody and Robyn are incapable of telling the truth about events. Always a total rewrite of history based on how they need their needs met at any given moment,” declared a fourth viewer.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.