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George Harrison‘s son, Dhani Harrison, is a massive Star Wars fan. During an interview, he compared his father to a pair of beloved Star Wars characters. In addition, he said “My Sweet Lord” had similarities to something a Star Wars hero said.

The Beatles' George Harrison wearing a sweater
The Beatles’ George Harrison |Michael Putland/Getty Images

George Harrison’s son compared ‘My Sweet Lord’ to this ‘Star Wars’ quote

During an interview with, Dhani said he thinks he was first introduced to the Star Wars franchise when he watched a double feature of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Notably, The Empire Strikes Back was the first Star Wars film to feature Yoda.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda famously says “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” Dhani felt there was a similarity between Yoda’s beliefs and the lyrics of his father’s song “My Sweet Lord.” George was known for infusing his religious beliefs into his solo songs.

Gorge Harrison would discuss these matters with his son and his friends ‘in a very Obi-Wan kind of way’

Dhani discussed what it was like for him and his friends to spend time with George in his garden. “Sooner or later it would turn into like, five teenagers sitting there, listening to [1George] lay things down in a very Obi-Wan kind of way,” Dhani recalled. “He had that kind of gravity to him. You know, you didn’t mess with him. He was tough but he also was like a father to everyone that I knew. It came with his life experience of having years and years of just the weirdest life that anyone could imagine, and with that came great wisdom.”

While listening to George, Dhani felt almost like a fledgling Jedi. “He would sit there and before long it would be like some sort of Jedi Master class,” Dhani remembered. “We would all just be sitting there, listening, hanging on to his every word, because he wouldn’t talk about stuff that other parents would talk about.” It was perfectly normal for George to discuss miracles and astral projection.

George Harrison's son, Dhani Harrison, with a guitar
Dhani Harrison, son of George Harrison | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Dhani Harrison named his favorite ‘Star Wars’ character

Elsewhere in the interview, Dhani named his favorite Star Wars character. “Obi-Wan,” he said. “Definitely. Sir Alec Guinness, I think, is my favorite. Obviously, Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of him is fantastic, as well. But I think the original Obi-Wan from A New Hope was my favorite of all.”

Dhani probably wasn’t the only one who enjoyed A New Hope. According to Box Office Mojo, A New Hope had a budget of $11 million. It made just over $1.5 million during its opening weekend. It ultimately earned over $307 million and it spawned sequels, prequels, books, comics, parodies, and “Weird Al” Yankovic songs. Star Wars became one of the defining sagas of our time — and two of its characters reminded Dhani of George.