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The marketing for Stranger Things 4 has repeatedly disappointed fans with the lack of a full-length trailer for the upcoming season. Despite several recaps of previous seasons and Stranger Things-focused Saturday morning cartoons, the marketing for season 4 has been pretty tight-lipped about the new adventures of our friends from Hawkins, Indiana. However, that changes tomorrow, Apr. 12, 2022.

One of the 'Stranger Things 4' plotlines includes one set at the Creel House, seen here in a shot from season 4.
The Creel House | Netflix

‘Stranger Things 4’ posted a livestream at 10:00 a.m. EST on Apr. 11, 2022

Fans continue to grow restless while waiting for even a hint of what’s to come in Stranger Things 4. Other than the four posters dropped on Feb. 17, 2022, and showrunners continue to keep almost everything about the upcoming plot close to their chest. 

On Apr. 11, 2022, the official Twitter account for Stranger Things posted a link to their Youtube channel at 10:00 a.m. EST. At first, several people believed the link would lead to a full-length trailer for Stranger Things 4. Instead, they saw a livestream with a grandfather clock in the middle of what appeared to be a town square. In the bottom right corner, a countdown began for 24 hours.

The marketing for Stranger Things 4 seems to be leading up to a full-length trailer. Netflix revealed the premiere date in February, but other than that, the showrunners have revealed very little so far. Now, we know this livestream is counting down to the premiere of the official trailer.

What’s the importance of the grandfather clock in ‘Stranger Things 4’?

In some of the first Stranger Things 4 imagery released, we saw a clock face hidden beside the Stranger Things logo. It looked like it was in the Upside Down, and the hands of this clock were also pointing to twelve.

The Creel House teaser reunited some of our friends from Hawkins, Indiana. The clip shows Steve, Dustin, Lucas, Robin, and Max breaking into the Creel house as Steve asks, “Could you maybe clarify what sort of clues we’re supposed to be looking for here?” The teaser slowly closes in on a grandfather clock in an attic as the group walks upstairs. Then the screen flashes, and the clock is in the Upside Down. The teaser closes with the number “2022” in the Stranger Things font. 


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Could the grandfather clock be a possible portal to the Upside Down?

Many fans believe the grandfather clock is actually a portal to the Upside Down. On Sept. 24, 2021, the Stranger Things Twitter account posted a 12-second clip of microfiche images of The Weekly Watcher. Several headlines reference the Creel murders, which means the news isn’t a secret. The newspaper redacted some parts of the article, however. 

Whoever spoke to The Weekly Watcher mentioned a “vengeful demon” and an “angry spirit,” as the headlines mentioned both those phrases. In the Creel House teaser for Stranger Things 4, scenes showed flickering lights, a tell-tale sign of the Demogorgon. 

This leads many people to believe that Creel is actually innocent in the role of the murders and the Demogorgon is the real culprit. If Creel himself used the words “vengeful demon” or something similar, it’s plausible that he’s referring to the creature from the Upside Down. 

For now, fans have to wait just a few more hours before they learn even more about Stranger Things 4. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all your Stranger Things updates!