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After the soul-crushing death that left much of the Supernatural fandom mourning Castiel, the penultimate episode switched up the pace. With the weight of a Thanos-like world on their shoulders, Sam, Dean, and Jack were left coping with defeat. Heading into episode 19, it seemed like grief would reign in whatever face-off awaited them with Chuck.

But there were a few surprises in episode 19. The audience, laughed, cried, and tried to keep up with the storyline where even the midst of total destruction, Sam, Dean, and Jack manage to hold on to the meaning of family. Then. Now. What’s next?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural Season 15, episode 19: “Inherit the Earth”]

‘Supernatural’ season 15 ‘Inherit the Earth’ with Jake Abel as Michael, Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam | Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Lucifer and Michael returned to the stage

At first, Jack and Winchesters thought they’d found a glimmer of hope on an empty planet with a stray dog and later, their reunion with Michael. Both turned out to be short-lived.

The disappointed archangel was found hiding out in a church and signed on to help. He tried using his juice to open God’s book but that didn’t work.

Then Lucifer and his immaculate sense of humor shows up at the bunker’s door, ready to assist. An awkward reunion ensues with his son, brother, and the Winchesters. This surprises fans who are suspicious but intrigued about his presence.

He runs a story about the Empty bringing him back and has the new Death by his side to read the book. Before she can relay its instructions on how to kill God, Lucifer kills her, and he spills that Chuck brought him back. He and Michael get into a fight, and Michael wins, killing Lucifer.

During that angelic fight, Jack absorbs the power that was released. Somehow, the crew figures out one last spell to throw at Chuck.

It works and they summon him. But Chuck kills Michael (who betrayed the brothers) and beats the Winchesters to a bloody pulp.

Jack becomes God and fans celebrate

The last twist is that Jack is a cosmic powerhouse able to defeat Chuck. After collecting all that celestial energy blasted from the archangels and God, he places his hands on Chuck’s face and takes his powers away. For Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, it’s like that moment when Aang subdued Fire Lord Ozai.

Chuck, who didn’t expect this twist, tells the Winchesters this is why they’re his favorite. He expects them to kill him, but they walk away, leaving him to rot as a human.

On Reddit, fans can’t stop talking about it. “I absolutely love seeing Chuck so scared and mortal. Now he can suffer just as he made everyone else on Earth suffer,” wrote one.

Another added, “Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I like the way that played out. Knowing how twisted Chuck has been, that will cause him more torture than actually killing him. Chuck has always played psychological games, and now the tables have turned.”

Months ago, there was a prediction that Jack would become the new God, and that’s exactly what happened. He healed Sam and Dean, brought everyone back to the planet, and explained that he won’t be interfering in humanity’s affairs.

Why? He learned from his family that people need to know they can be their best when they need to be. Anyone can stand up.

Amara is now a harmonious part of Jack, and Jack—as God—is part of everyone. Jack, the baby Nephilim raised by Castiel, Sam, and Dean, is now the Almighty. All over social media, viewers are cheering along with Sam and Dean that they’re finally free!

Montage makes fans weep and some feel like this was the end

If Jack’s goodbye didn’t make people sob, the montage at the end of the episode did. Footage from season 1 up until now flashed across the screen showing old friends, family, and how far the Winchesters have come.

Garth! Bobby! Rufus! And Sam, Dean, Mary, Jack, and Castiel’s names are all carved into the table in the bunker. That’s family.

Through all the wild turns of Chuck’s storylines, Sam and Dean fought, didn’t give up on each other—or Cas or Jack—and put heart into their work. It’s a tearjerker. The Supernatural hashtag on Twitter will reveal that plenty of fans are crying about the final montage.


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To some fans, this felt like the series finale and they want to know what’s happening in the last episode. Will Castiel come back? What about the hunters? Is Jack the new Death too? Are the monsters gone for good?

One Redditor wrote, “I think I’m still in denial over Cas but this is the funniest f*cking episode I’ve ever seen. What the hell just happened.” Another echoed that feeling, “I’m so f*cking confused about how this isn’t the end.”

Nov. 19 marks the official end of Supernatural with a two-hour special. Tune in for a special farewell presentation at 8 p.m. followed by the series finale at 9 p.m. Carry on.