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Taxi holds a special place in TV history. The 1978 sitcom’s ensemble cast abounded with actors who went on to leave lasting marks in comedy. Although shows centered on the workplace were common before and since, Taxi‘s gritty but hilarious look at cabbies on the job has never been duplicated. So, what did the cast members go on to do, and which actors from the Taxi cast are still alive? 

Judd Hirsch portrayed Alex Reiger, a former corporate worker who accepted his lot in life

Taxi TV show: Which Taxi cast members are still alive?
The cast of ‘Taxi’ | Frank Carroll/NBCU Photo Bank

Alex Reiger’s backstory included getting laid off from a corporate job for failing to fall in line, but he’s made peace with not living up to his full financial or professional potential. 

Ironically, portraying someone falling from corporate grace brought actor Judd Hirsch a heap of prestige: He won two Primetime Emmys for portraying Alex. According to IMDb, Hirsch also had something in common with his fictional counterpart. The actor was born in 1935 in the Bronx, so playing someone who knew the ins and outs of NYC was close to home. 

Now 87 years old, Hirsch has remained active in his career. His best-known appearances beyond Taxi include Independence Day and A Beautiful Mind. In recent years, he’s had a string of TV and film appearances and will star in the upcoming family drama Rally Caps

Jeff Conaway joined the ‘Taxi’ cast as the wannabe actor Bobby Wheeler

Jeff Conaway was best known for his 1978 appearance as Kenickie in Grease, but his long run on Taxi earned him plenty of accolades. He played Bobby Wheeler, a resentful young man who moved to the Big Apple to chase his acting dreams. 

According to LooperConaway faced drug addiction following his run on Taxi, which concluded with the show’s end in 1983. Though he continued to act for decades, he never recaptured the fame he had earned at his peak in the late ’70s. He died of an accidental drug overdose in 2011. 

Danny DeVito portrayed the loudmouth Louie De Palma 

A fan favorite, Danny DeVito portrayed the irascible and disdainful dispatcher Louie De Palma, a role that helped launch the star to fame. Arguably one of the most successful post-Taxi cast members, DeVito went on to many impressive roles in dramas like The Rainmaker and comedies like Get Shorty

The star recently turned 78 and continues to act and produce, with recent projects like The Survivor and voice work. 

Marilu Henner played Elaine Nardo, the only female cabbie in ‘Taxi’

Famously surrounded by men on the set of Taxi, Marilu Henner dated two of her co-stars (Tony Danza and Judd Hirsch). She is still best known for portraying Elaine Nardo, a divorced mother with dreams of becoming an artist. The actor has enjoyed a successful acting career, earning five Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of Sunshine Cab’s only female driver. 

The now-70-year-old’s recent works include several TV romance movies.

Tony Danza was the moonlighting boxer Tony Banta

Tony Danza portrayed a boxer, Tony Banta, who can’t catch a break in the ring. Banta’s manager even won money betting against him. That keeps him stuck at his day job at Sunshine Cab. 

Danza immediately followed his stint on Taxi with an equally impressive performance on Who’s the Boss?, solidifying his acting legacy. Since then, the actor has had dozens of film and TV appearances. The 71-year-old recently had guest spots on And Just Like That… and Blue Bloods. He also joined the Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 cast.

Andy Kaufman played the iconic Latka Gravas in ‘Taxi’

Latka Gravas was one of comedian Andy Kaufman’s best-known roles and a chance for him to take his unique comedic talents to a broad audience. His eccentric performance, brief pro-wrestling career, and refusal to break character (even when the cameras were off) solidified his Hollywood legacy. 

Unfortunately, the star had a short-lived run at fame. Kaufman was only 35 years old when he died of lung cancer in 1984. 

Christopher Lloyd portrayed the spaced-out driver Jim ‘Iggy’ Ignatowski


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On Taxi, Christopher Lloyd portrayed the Reverend Jim “Iggy” Ignatowski. His character’s first appearance was presiding over Latka’s marriage to a prostitute so that Latka could remain in the United States. Iggy’s eccentric, apparently drug-addled character was one of the more memorable on Taxi.

Lloyd went on to several high-profile roles, most famously Doc Brown in the Back to the Future films. Now 84, he continues to act. Recent roles include an appearance in The Mandalorian and the adventure film Spirit Halloween

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