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In January, the Cheers cast reunited for the Emmy Awards. The iconic moment sent viewers searching for more information. While Frasier, the beloved Cheers spinoff, has been rebooted, there has been no word about Cheers. The reunion got fans talking, with many theorizing the cast might consider getting together for a reboot. Ted Danson, who played Sam Malone for all 11 seasons, has set the record straight. A reboot isn’t in the cards. 

Ted Danson says a ‘Cheers’ reboot is out of the question 

If you were hoping for a Cheers reboot, Ted Danson’s thoughts on it might upset you. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ted Danson and asked him about the possibility of a Cheers reboot. The famed actor was pretty adamant that while he loved reuniting with the cast at the Emmy Awards, a reboot was out of the question. 

'Cheers': Carla, Coach and Sam laugh behind the bar
L-R: Rhea Perlman, Nicholas Colasanto, and Ted Danson | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

When asked if he’d be working with the cast again, he insisted “no, no” before suggesting no one would want to watch a show about a group of older people in a bar. While we aren’t sure that is true, Danson might be right that the past is best left in the past. 

Danson has kept himself plenty busy in the years since walking away from Cheers. He’s had several successful shows and movies. Most recently, he has appeared on The Good Place and Curb Your Enthusiasm

‘Frasier’ reboot is trying to respect ‘Cheers’ 

Cheers is a truly beloved series, and the bar that the series was based on is considered a TV icon. It was so iconic that the Frasier reboot opted to pay homage to the bar and the series by not going back there. Kelsey Grammer once explained that the production team feared returning to Cheers would disrespect the beloved watering hole. Instead, they gave Frasier a new pub to hang out in while leaving the fate of his friends at Cheers open-ended. 

Line art for Frasier, season 2
Line art for Frasier, season 2 | Paramount+

The Role Kelsey Grammer Would Happily Return to, Other Than Dr. Frasier Crane

While Frasier hasn’t actively returned to the bar, no one is counting out the possibility of old faces popping back up again. Grammer recently insisted that he’d love to see Shelley Long reprise her role as Diane Chambers. Interestingly, Long did not appear with the rest of the cast at the Emmys. 

Personally, we’d love to see Frasier reconnect with Norm, one of the bar’s patrons. While several Cheers characters appeared in the original Frasier over the years, Norm appeared only briefly in one episode. We’d like to see where he is now. George Wendt, the actor who took on the role of Norm, did appear with the cast in January.