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MTV’s Teen Mom fans know Vetzabe Jocette “Vee” Rivera for her relationship with Kailyn Lowry’s ex, Jo Rivera. Vee and Jo got married in 2018, and Vee thinks of Jo and Kailyn’s 13-year-old son, Isaac, as one of her own. In addition to Isaac, Vee has a daughter, Vivi, with her husband. While Vee is incredibly pleased with her family, she revealed on her podcast that fans are “pushy” for her to have more children.

‘Teen Mom’ star Vee Rivera says fans are ‘pushy’ for her to have more children

Teen Mom star Vee Rivera spoke to Kailyn Lowry on their podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, about possibly having more kids. Vee revealed to Kailyn that she felt upset by some of her followers messaging her about family expansion.

“It just upsets me because people blatantly disregard that Vivi has a brother, or a sibling already, and I don’t know if it’s the whole half-sibling thing,” Vee said, referencing Jo and Kailyn’s son, Isaac. ” … It really bothers me because people will be like, ‘Oh, when are you gonna give Vivi a sibling?’ Sometimes, it’s just flat out, ‘When are you going to give her a sibling.’ And I’m like, ‘She has a sibling.’ We don’t say half. That is her brother.”

Vee added that “people are so pushy” for her to continue having children. “When is it gonna end?” she added. “Can you just leave me the f*** alone? … Let people just do what they want.” Vee added that some fans make it sound like her daughter will grow up “lonely” if Vee doesn’t have more children.

“I feel like I shouldn’t get pressured to have more kids just because I only have one,” Vee noted.

The reality star said she had a difficult pregnancy

While speaking on the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, Vee Rivera revealed that she had a difficult pregnancy, which slightly influenced whether she wanted more kids in the future.

“I also just never really saw myself having another baby,” Vee added.” I always said I just want one baby, and you know, see how it turns out. I was really content. I do speak about how my pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, also. So, yeah, that does play a little factor into it. But, overall, it never changed my mind. I really did, from the beginning, being with Jo, I just wanted one baby with him.”

As for Vee’s husband, Vee said he’d be all for having more children. “Yeah, he’s down. But, initially, that’s up to me,” she said. “I’m gonna be the one holding these babies. That was just never really my plan.”

Vee Rivera said in 2022 that she wasn’t ‘interested’ in having more kids


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Teen Mom star Vee Rivera spoke about having more kids in 2024, and she also discussed it in 2022. She told the Vibin’ & Kinda Thrivin’ podcast that she “likes getting pregnant” initially, but she clarified that she misspoke.

“I like getting pregnant’ — I do not like getting pregnant, what the f***? I like getting ready by myself,” she said, according to The Sun. When her co-host questioned what she meant, Vee clarified, “I have no idea. I think I was reading something that’s on my screen right now. It’s in the back.”

Vee added that her family hoped for another pregnancy announcement after she and Jo Rivera bought a home. “They immediately thought I was pregnant. I was like, can you all get that out of your f***ing mind? It’s never gonna happen,” she said. “Not happening, not interested, not a thing over here.”

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