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After branding himself as a proud Nine Trey Blood, Tekashi 6ix9ine agreed to cooperate with the federal prosecutors to secure an early release from prison.

Therefore, he had to sit on the stand and point fingers at his old crew as well as detail the crimes they committed and why. In one particular crime caught on security cameras, the Nine Treys pulled an armed robbery on who they thought were Rap-A-Lot affiliates for revenge.

One of the victims spoke out and claimed she knows exactly who set her up.

Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine | Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

Tekashi 6ix9ine recorded Nine Trey Bloods committing a robbery

During Day 2 of the 6ix9ine’s trial, he testified that a few Nine Treys robbed Rap-A-Lot label affiliates at gunpoint in April 2018 as revenge because he was not allowed to perform in Houston, the label’s “home turf,” missing out on $10-$15,000.

Therefore, when they found out that Rap-A-Lot leader, J. Prince, would be in New York City the following month, 6ix9ine’s then manager, Shotti, and four other Nine Treys robbed two victims at gunpoint and made it off with two chains, a phone, and several hard drives.

6ix9ine claimed he was turned away from the club because he didn’t “check-in,” however, Prince said they just didn’t want “the rat” performing there.

He also denied that he or any of his associations were victims of the armed robbery. The “FEFE” rapper did not participate in the theft; instead, he sat in a parked SUV across the street and recorded the crime on his cell phone.

Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nine Trey Bloods’ robbery victim speaks out

Texas publicist Skyy Life told YouTuber Tasha K that she was one of the Trey Bloods’ victims. She said DJ Thoro, of ThisIs50, invited the publicist along with her new artist to the station for an interview.

Life remembered him asking her opinion of 6ix9ine, to which she said she replied that she didn’t know him but “thinks the younger generation needs to learn respect and pay homage when they come into any field.”

After the interview, she recalled seeing the black on black SUV pulling up to the curb dangerously but didn’t think anything of it until she saw several men with guns run out of the vehicle.

Life said they were screaming “f**k Rap-A-Lot” as they ordered her, her assistant, and her new artist around. She claimed they took her purse, which included several hard drives containing sensitive information related to her artists, and the robbers are seen on camera taking something from her client.

Life also alleged she escaped the five men with guns to find help and found it odd that there were no police cars in the middle of the day in Manhattan, New York City.

Even though Life, her artist, and her assistant made it out with their lives, the ordeal was so terrifying that they both parted ways with the publicist. She also said her husband was robbed and killed shortly afterward.

Life reiterated several times that she was incorrectly targeted because she is not Rap-A-Lot or any gang-affiliated.

Robbery victim accuses DJ Thoro and DJ Akademiks of setting her up

In retrospect, Life believes DJ Thoro had something to do with it because he has never answered her messages or calls ever since. Additionally, she thinks DJ Akademiks may know more than he’s leading on because he allegedly posted the video of her being robbed only minutes after it happened.

Because Akademiks and 6ix9ine were so close before the latter went to jail, she thinks it’s possible the rapper sent Akademiks the video. Therefore, she wants the blogger to be held responsible as well.