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The Amazing Race calls for racers to learn new skills. But Claire Rehfuss’s weakness was revealed, and Derek Xiao called their situation hopeless.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 2.] 

Claire and Derek had a strong start on ‘The Amazing Race’

The first episode had all 12 teams start in Germany. They scrambled to complete three challenges to get clues for their pit stop. The last team will be eliminated, and there are no non-elimination legs this season.

The challenges included breaking a large block of ice, sawing a log, and pushing a barrel around bales of hay. Claire and Derek did well and came in first. They won $2,500 each toward a trip to any destination.

“It’s really, really, wild that we got first,” Claire said. “I hope this sets the tone for us for the rest of the race,” Derek hoped. However, they struggled in the next part of the race.

Claire Rehfuss’ weakness is singing 

The second episode showed another scramble in Austria. All the teams drove there, and the challenges included yodeling, playing a song with bells, and learning a dance.

They decided Claire would be the one to call in the cows, which meant learning the words to multiple yodeling songs. Luckily, they had a head start being one of the first ones there. 

“In this round, we have to sing three different yodels,” Claire explained. “And we have to do hand motions to what words they wanted.” It was obvious the Big Brother alum isn’t much of a singer.

“I’m tone deaf,” she admitted in her interview with Derek. “Like not, like I’m not diagnosed with tone deafness.” Derek added, “I’ll diagnose you, you’re tone deaf.” 

“I can’t keep a beat to save my life,” she added. Claire had to try multiple times and watched almost all of the teams, but one came and go after successfully yodeling. 

“This is so hard to watch,” Derek said while watching from the side. Claire went back to learn the song again. “My anxiety is high,” she admitted because they fell so far behind because of her. 

Claire tried again, and Derek laughed. “At some points in life, the situation seems so hopeless that it just becomes kind of funny,” he told the camera. Claire did get past that round eventually.

Did Claire and Derek survive the round?

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss on The Amazing Race Season 34
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss on ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 | Kit Karzen/CBS

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Claire and Derek hoped to be able to make up some time. They did well at the bells and even called it “easy” and handled the dancing well.

The couple came in fourth place. “Bells, way more my speed,” Claire told host Phil Keoghan.

The last team to make it was Tim Mann and Rex Ryan. Rex also struggled with being dyslexic and trying to learn words he had never seen before. They were eliminated.