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The Bachelor star Joey Graziadei isn’t yet spilling details about how his Season 28 love story ends. But that doesn’t mean his sister, Carly Monzo, doesn’t know how all the details. Here’s what she has to say.

‘The Bachelor’ big sis Carly Monzo has secrets about Joey Graziadei’s winner

In an Instagram video shared on February 1, Joey Graziadei and Carly Monzo took on a viral video trend. They answered questions regarding his season on The Bachelor and spilled several new details about how his search for love ends.

The clip begins with Graziadei saying, “I’m The Bachelor; of course, I kiss multiple girls on television.” Monzo countered with, “I’m The Bachelor‘s older sister. Of course, I’m going to vomit in my mouth each time you make out with someone.”

Graziadei added, “Car, it’s only gonna get worse.” She asks, “Why do they have to turn up the volume so loud?”

The reality dating show lead then talked about posting a lot on social media. Monzo added that she would pick a fight with commentators if they said something mean about her younger brother.

Graziadei talked about living in Hawaii and his job, while Monzo joked that he lives on her couch. They concluded the fun clip with the ABC star saying he “can’t tell you how my season ends.”

But that’s when Monzo slid into home plate with her response. She shared, “I’m going to tell you exactly how this season ends” before Graziadei said, “Nope, we’re done.”

‘Bachelor’ fans want more Instagram content between Joey Graziadei and Carly Monzo

Bachelor Nation quickly responded to the fun Instagram video where Joey Graziadei and Carly Monzo shared their close bond. They want to see more viral content between the siblings.

“This is incredible! Need more Carly Monzo content,” one follower wrote.

A second fan joked, “How do I nominate this for an Oscar?” This comment was followed with, “Carly is actually the biggest mood. She’s repping every older sister ever.”

Finally, a fourth fan wants to know the details Monzo teased. They penned, “Alright, sister, spill!”

Joey Graziadei’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ is only airing its third week of episodes

In a YouTube trailer for week three of The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei continues his search for love. The contestants continue trying to impress him with their wit and charisma in a new series of challenges.

The series lead is seen surfing and playing tennis as the contestants cheer him on. However, the episode is not all fun and games.

The claws come out for some contestants as they try to score points with Graziadei by stepping on the toes of their fellow castmates. But, who falls by the wayside as half-truths threaten to derail any progress some women have made in their relationships with the surfing instructor?

Season 28 of The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.