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ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 brings Zach Shallcross’s final seven contestants to Budapest, Hungary. While in Estonia, Kat Izzo caused a scene after kissing Zach before Charity Lawson’s one-on-one date. Brooklyn Willie called out Kat for her behavior. And Kaity Biggar said the whole ordeal was “uncomfortable” for everyone.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 spoilers ahead.]

Zach Shallcross handing Kat Izzo a rose in 'The Bachelor' Season 27
Kat Izzo and Zach Shallcross in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Brooklyn Willie and Kat Izzo got into a verbal altercation after Kat kissed Zach Shallcross

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 will show the aftermath of Brooklyn Willie and Kat Izzo’s altercation. While in Estonia, Zach came to pick Charity Lawson up for her one-on-one date, and Kat quickly pulled Zach aside. During their brief alone time, Kat kissed Zach, which rubbed the other women the wrong way. Brooklyn was particularly outspoken regarding Kat’s behavior, as she felt Kat took Charity’s moment away from her.

“With Brooklyn, the aggression has continued,” Kat tells the camera in episode 6. “Now it’s like, you’re just being aggressive for no reason. You’re being aggressive to be mean. I have been nothing but supportive and pleasant to everyone throughout this. So, to be treated that way. It’s like, no. I’m not going to apologize for that.”

Kat and Brooklyn received roses in episode 6 despite the drama potentially impacting their relationships with Zach.

Kaity Biggar said Brooklyn Willie and Kat Izzo’s fighting was ‘uncomfortable’

Kaity Biggar spoke to the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast about Brooklyn Willie and Kat Izzo’s fight that started in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 6. She explained that the whole situation felt tense and “uncomfortable.”

“For me, that was Charity’s day, that was Charity’s moment, and I respect all the girls, and I’m not saying Kat doesn’t, but I think there was a better time to do that, more appropriate,” Kaity said of Kat’s big move on Zach. “I understand that we’re all vying for his time, we all need to take that initiative, but that wasn’t the time for it, in my perspective. I think the kiss, too, it was not a good feeling to be there.”

“And then when Brooklyn said her piece on it, it was a very uncomfortable situation, it was a very hostile environment, and I wanted to leave so bad,” Kaity continues. “Any time there’s negativity in the room, I wanna hit the ground running. It was just a very awkward moment.”

Who goes home in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Episode 7?


‘The Bachelor’ Season 27: Mercedes Reflects on Zach Dumping Her Through a ‘Freakin’ Screen’

Kat Izzo and Brooklyn Willie’s feud will likely continue in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7. But viewers won’t hear of it after that, as both women head home, according to The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve.

The spoilers note Brooklyn is given a one-on-one date with Zach, but Zach eliminates her during the date. A preview for the date shows Zach uncertain about how he fits in with Brooklyn’s family. It seems he allows these doubts to get the best of him, and he sends her home during the dinner portion of their evening.

As for Kat, Zach likely doesn’t give her a rose during the rose ceremony. He also eliminates Greer Blitzer in episode 7.

The Bachelor Season 27 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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