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ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 shows Joey Graziadei making solid connections with women from all walks of life. Kelsey Toussant had a one-on-one date with Joey in Montreal, and she opened up to him about her deteriorated relationship with her father. Here’s what she later posted to Instagram about “religious trauma” and her father’s religion.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers ahead regarding episodes 6 and 7.]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 cast member Kelsey Toussant posted about the religion her father maintains in his household

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 6 gave fans a closer look into Kelsey Toussant’s home life. With hometowns around the corner, Joey Graziadei hoped to make a lasting connection with Kelsey, as he wasn’t as close with her as he was with some of the other women. During the dinner portion of their one-on-one date, Kelsey revealed that she and her father had a falling out due to religious reasons.

Kelsey explained to Joey that she had a close relationship with her father growing up. “He was my rock, my safe haven,” she said. “He would be there through everything, no matter what.” However, he wanted her to follow his religion while she wanted to break away from his beliefs and head to college. Ultimately, she chose college, which caused him to stop talking to her.

Kelsey didn’t go into too much detail regarding her father and his religion while at dinner with Joey. However, she posted about the conversation seen in the episode on Instagram. In the post, she mentioned “JW,” which references Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Just wanted to let everyone know who grew up JW or with religious trauma, know that you are not alone,” she posted, according to Reddit. “I didn’t think my story would resonate with so many people.”

Kelsey added that she watched the episode with her dad despite their estrangement.

“With that said, my dad watched the episode with me, and I’m grateful for that,” she continued. “He recently got out of the hospital, and I just want to let any JW know that time is precious. Family is family regardless of religion. Leaving JW can be isolating, but stand in your truth. Know time is finite and lead with love.”

'The Bachelor' Season 28  star Joey Graziadei performing a trust fall with Kelsey Toussant on their date
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 stars Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Toussant | Disney/Jan Thijs

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Does she make it to hometowns?

Fans love Kelsey Toussant in The Bachelor Season 28. Not only does she have a relatable story for many young women, but she’s poised, confident, and drama-free. So, does Joey Graziadei give her a rose ahead of hometowns?

Unfortunately, spoilers indicate that Kelsey heads home in episode 7. Joey brings Rachel Nance, Maria Georgas, Kelsey Anderson, and Daisy Kent through to hometown week, and he doesn’t give roses to Kelsey T. or Jenn Tran. It’s unclear if Joey would have met Kelsey T.’s father if he continued to hometowns with her.

ABC has yet to announce the next lead of The Bachelorette, and many fans would love to see Kelsey get another shot at love. However, Reality Steve says he believes the next lead will be one of the top four women who doesn’t win Joey’s heart.

This story was originally reported by Reality Steve.

The Bachelor Season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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