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ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 shows Joey Graziadei dealing with the drama between Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon — and it all started with Madina Alam. In episode 2, Madina comments on her age, which becomes significant drama for Maria and Sydney. Later, Madina took to social media to admit that she “regrets” calling Maria a bully on the show.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers ahead regarding Madina Alam and Maria Georgas.]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 star Madina Alam says she ‘regrets’ calling Maria a ‘bully’

'The Bachelor' Season 28 star Joey Graziadei talking to Maria Georgas
Joey Graziadei and Maria Georgas in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 | Disney/John Fleenor

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 2 showed Madina Alam voicing insecurities to the other women. Madina is the oldest woman remaining in the competition, which made her feel Joey Graziadei may question their relationship. When Maria Georgas overhead Madina, she wasn’t sure why Madina felt insecure, as several women around the same age were also vying for Joey’s heart.

Maria spoke to a few other women in the house about Madina’s insecurities, and Sydney Gordon caught wind of the conversation. After Sydney overhead what Maria said, she brought it to Madina, who thought Maria was bullying her about her age.

Later, Madina took the situation to Joey. She didn’t name Maria, but she told Joey that she felt bullied by one of the women in the house. After another conversation with Sydney, Joey asked Maria about the alleged bullying. The comment took aback Maria, as she experienced bullying as a child and would never bully another woman.

Madina took to Instagram to admit that she regrets calling Maria a bully on national TV. “I’m going to make this short and sweet,” she says in a reel. “Do I regret using the word ‘bully’? Yeah. Will I always use the right words at the right time, especially when I’m feeling a lot of different emotions? Absolutely not. But one thing I will never, ever regret, even if it gives me backlash, is opening up and being vulnerable.

Madina Alam says she doesn’t ‘recommend’ opening up about insecurities on TV

Madina Alam from 'The Bachelor' Season 28
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 star Madina | Disney/Richard Middlesworth

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Madina Alam continues to open up about what happened in The Bachelor Season 28. She posted another clip on Feb. 12, 2024, of her speaking about her insecurities.

“I opened up on national TV about something I felt self-conscious about. Which, by the way, I zero out of 10 recommend ever doing,” she said in an Instagram clip. “But, anyway, I wanted to open up and talk about things that I was insecure about, because I cannot tell you how many times people assume I’m so confident, and I don’t struggle, and don’t even ask me how I’m doing and literally tell me, I’m so happy to see her doing well.”

However, fans think Madina is missing the point. “I don’t think anyone is mad or upset over the fact that you feel insecure about your age, and if they are, then their anger is misplaced,” a fan commented. “I’m turning 31, I get it. The show makes it seem like if you’re over 28, you are past your prime. What I think people are upset about is how Sydney was treating Maria, and it’s partly on you for not telling Sydney to let it go and move on.”

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Episode 4 features a 2-on-1 date between Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 4 features a two-on-one date between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas. Sydney and Maria started their feud after Sydney overhead Maria talking about Madina Alam’s comment regarding her age. Now, Joey Graziadei must choose between the two women on the date.

“I’m trying not to have any bias,” Joey’s voice states in the teaser for the two-on-one. “I’m trying to make sure I hear both sides.”

“The truth needs to be said,” Sydney says. “And it sucks that I’ve been put in this position.”

“I’ll be honest, like, it’s pissing me off to even be here, because being accused of being these things, it worries me,” Maria tells Joey.

The Bachelor Season 28 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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