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ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 Fantasy Suites are here, and fans can’t wait to see what happens with Joey Graziadei and his final three women. After hometowns, Joey gave roses to Rachel Nance, Daisy Kent, and Kelsey Anderson, and he sent Maria Georgas home. So, who does he send home next? Here are the spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers ahead regarding Fantasy Suites.]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 spoilers: Who does Joey Graziadei send home after Fantasy Suites?

'The Bachelor' Season 28 lead Joey Graziadei laughing while sitting next to Rachel Nance
Rachel Nance and Joey Graziadei | Disney/Jan Thijs

The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers are here for Fantasy Suites. Previously, Joey Graziadei met the families of Rachel Nance, Daisy Kent, Maria Georgas, and Kelsey Anderson during hometowns. While he had strong connections with all four women, he decided not to give a rose to Maria. He gave roses to Rachel, Daisy, and Kelsey, moving them forward to overnight dates.

According to spoilers from Reality Steve, Joey sends Rachel home after overnight dates. Daisy and Kelsey are Joey’s final two women.

The preview for the episode shows Joey on dates with each of his final three women in Tulum, Mexico. “I am falling in love with every woman that is here,” Joey says in the teaser.

“Love is a leap of faith,” Rachel’s voiceover states over clips of their date in Mexico. “And, let me tell you, I feel like I’m about to take the biggest leap.”

Rachel is later seen speaking to Susan Knowles from The Golden Bachelor about her feelings. She tells Susan she’s falling in love with Joey, and Susan encourages Rachel to explore her feelings. “It’s a wonderful feeling to love,” Susan tells her.

The teaser also shows Joey telling at least one woman that he’s “falling in love” with her “fully” and has known about his feelings for “awhile.” Unfortunately for Rachel, it’s unlikely that he will tell her this. She’s later seen crying into Joey’s shoulder over the pressure of competing against two other women.

Reality Steve says the episode ends on a cliffhanger


‘The Bachelor’ Season 28: Joey Speaks on Finale Rumors Regarding Daisy and Kelsey

Fans watching The Bachelor Season 28 Fantasy Suites episode shouldn’t expect to see Joey Graziadei send Rachel Nance home at the end of the episode. They’ll have to wait the following week to see him choose his final two women. According to Reality Steve, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

“Tonight’s episode ends with a cliffhanger,” the spoiler guru stated on the Reality Steve Podcast. “Rachel will still be on the show when tonight’s episode ends. And as we start next week’s episode, it’ll be the conclusion of whatever happens between Joey and Rachel. He clearly either sends her home or doesn’t give her a rose, and then that’ll go straight into the Women Tell All next week.”

Fans can expect to see Rachel at the Women Tell All. She likely takes the hot seat to answer questions on stage.

Who writes the note seen in the trailer for overnight dates?

The teaser for The Bachelor Season 28 Fantasy Suites shows one of the women writing a note to Joey Graziadei that could indicate trouble. The note says, “We need to talk.”

“I don’t understand what this is,” Joey says after finding the note. “This is, like, my worst nightmare. This would derail everything.”

It seems likely that Daisy Kent wrote the note that Joey finds. Bachelor Fantake performed some sleuthing and found that the nail polish of the woman who wrote the note matches Daisy’s nail polish, which she wears while in Mexico. Additionally, Daisy doubts her feelings for Joey. However, we can’t say who wrote the note until the episode airs, as the teasers could lead fans astray.

This story was originally reported by Reality Steve.

The Bachelor Season 28 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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