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If you’re part of Bachelor Nation, you’d probably consider yourself an expert on all things Bachelor. However, the reality show has some dark secrets that ABC definitely doesn’t want you to know. Thanks to some contestants spilling the truth about what really goes on during the show, you’ll be questioning everything you thought you knew.

From remembering contestants’ names to the food on those one-on-one dates, here’s a look at everything ABC definitely wants to keep a secret about The Bachelor.

1. Contestants get tested for STDs before being cast

Contestants on 'The Bachelor' posing together in front of the house.
Contestants get tested for STDs before appearing on the show. | ABC

Before contestants are officially cast on the show, they need to go through an extensive application process. On top of all the contracts they have to bind themselves to, they’re required to take numerous tests. Those include “an extensive background check, STD testing, and a psychological examination,” according to Insider.

Plus, literally anything ABC learns about you through third parties is on the table to be released — as long as it’s under the condition that you’re exposing yourself to “the risk of death, serious injury, illness, or disease and/or property damage.”

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