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ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 is here, and Zach Shallcross only has seven women left. Zach and the remaining contestants head to Budapest, Hungary, to continue exploring their connections. Unfortunately, according to The Bachelor spoilers, Zach sends one of the women home during her one-on-one date.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 spoilers ahead, plus spoilers regarding who wins.]

Ariel Frenkel, Charity Lawson, and Brooklyn Willie sitting next to each other on a couch in 'The Bachelor' Season 27
Ariel Frenkel, Charity Lawson, and Brooklyn Willie | ABC/Craig Sjodin

2 women get 1-on-1 dates in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Episode 7

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 features Zach Shallcross back in action after recovering from coronavirus (COVID-19). He caught the virus in London and came down with symptoms during or after his one-on-one date with Gabi Elnicki. Thankfully, he fully recovered and could continue the regular dating schedule in Estonia.

Now, Zach and the women are in Budapest, Hungary. According to The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, Zach takes two women on one-on-one dates. The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 features Kaity Biggar and Brooklyn Willie getting the dates.

Kaity and Brooklyn already had one-on-one dates this season. Kaity’s date involved an overnight portion, giving her even more time with Zach than any other woman. Brooklyn had a one-on-one date with Zach in the Bahamas, and Zach fell for her charm and unique rodeo skills. Both women received roses during those dates, but one heads home in episode 7.

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Who does Zach Shallcross send home during his 1-on-1 date?

So, who does Zach Shallcross send home during their one-on-one date in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7? According to The Bachelor spoilers, Brooklyn Willie doesn’t make the cut. While Kaity receives a rose during her second one-on-one, Zach decides not to give Brooklyn another rose.

A clip from the episode shows Zach feeling uncertain about his future with Brooklyn. The couple makes it to the dinner portion of the date when they begin talking about hometowns, which happen the following week.

“You know, family joining is something that is beautiful,” Zach tells Brooklyn.

“I do believe you marry the family, you know?” Brooklyn says. She then tells Zach that he won’t meet her biological father, but he will meet the man who raised her. Brooklyn’s parents are divorced. “Sorry, I get so emotional talking about my family,” she adds while mentioning her situation to Zach.

“Do you have any fears that this is a lot for the family?” Zach adds, seemingly concerned.

“I told myself I didn’t want to bring someone back into their lives until I knew it was someone I truly saw a future with,” she says.

Zach thanks Brooklyn for being open with him and then asks for a minute to breathe. “I’m looking at my own self and looking at Brooklyn and asking myself who am I to be in that house?” Zach questions to the camera with tears in his eyes.

There are plenty of clues pointing to who wins the season


‘The Bachelor’: Does Brooklyn Willie Get an Early Overnight? Midseason Trailer Seems to Hint at It

The Bachelor spoilers already revealed who makes the top three in Zach Shallcross’s season. Kaity Biggar, Ariel Frenkel, and Gabi Elnicki make it to the end. Now, there are plenty of clues pointing to Kaity winning.

Kaity recently went on the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast to discuss her developing relationship with Zach. While on the podcast, she talked about being in Austin, Texas, and visiting a barbecue joint she loves. When the podcast episode was released, Zach posted a photo of himself to his Instagram Stories at the barbecue place Kaity mentioned. Many fans think this served as a nod that Kaity does, in fact, win the season.

The Bachelor Season 27 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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