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While competing for love on ABC’s The Bachelor, tensions are bound to be high. We’re used to seeing our fair share of tears on the show, but some contestants (and Bachelors) have completely lost it over the years.

From cankle trauma to the Bachelor nearly leaving the show, these are the biggest meltdowns in Bachelor history.

7. Olivia Caridi’s traumatic cankle experience

Olivia Caridi and Ben Higgins talking on a couch.
Olivia Caridi made herself look immature. | ABC

During Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, he lost two family friends in a plane crash. Devastated, he confided in the remaining contestants, “I’m here to find somebody when stuff like this happens, to just … sit with, talk to.”

Although most of the women felt the “somber” mood of the room, Olivia Caridi seemed completely oblivious. She pulled Higgins away, and immediately began complaining about … her cankles. She explained, “People have written blogs that I have cankles,” and proceed to cry.

Pushing through her tears, she said, “I try to be strong all the time … It’s the scariest thing ever.”

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