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Rena Sofer made soap opera news this past summer when she announced her departure from The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor played Quinn Fuller on the soap for nine years.

She announced the news on Instagram, saying that August 5 was “not just my daughter’s birthday but the end of my nine-year run as Quinn on @boldandbeautifulcbs.”

Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Sofer continued, “I know it’s heartbreaking for some, and it is for me as well, but it’s time for me to move on with both my acting career and my pottery career. Thank you all for your support over the last nine years and in the future.”

The actor also owns Rena Sofer Ceramics, an online pottery store that donates a percentage of proceeds to animal rescues. Sofer is a great actor, but another thing she is known for is her intense blue eyes. 

Rena Sofer talks about her icy blue eyes

Blue eyes may not be as common as brown, but many people have them. But few have eyes with the intensity of Sofer’s. 

The actor recently sat down with Maurice Benard on his State of Mind podcast. The two had previously worked together on General Hospital. Before they even began their interview, Benard commented on his guest’s eyes.

“This person who I have today, her eyes, and I’m not joking; they are like … Rena is right there with these piercing blue eyes … they’re almost like … cat eyes.” Benard also mentioned that he was “intimidated” by his former co-star. 

Later in the interview, Sofer said, “I want to talk about why you ever would be intimidated by me when I was on … because it’s usually because of the eyes. Everybody’s intimidated … and I’m, I’m like born with them. It’s nothing I worked on.”

Benard laughed and explained that it wasn’t the eyes he was intimidated by. It was Sofer herself. 

Rena Sofer’s career

Sofer’s blue eyes may have helped her get her acting career off the ground. The B&B actor was discovered on the street in Greenwich Village by a modeling agent. Modeling didn’t quite work out for Sofer, so she took a stab at acting. This was much more successful.

She began her career on soaps and became a daytime star with her roles on Loving, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful. She won a Daytime Emmy for her role on GH. Sofer is not only a soap actor.

She was a familiar face in the 1990s and 2000s, appearing on some of the most popular shows of the decade. She was seen on Melrose Place, Friends, Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Two and a Half Men, and Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style.

Soap fans are hoping that now that she left The Bold and the Beautiful, she will reprise her role as Lois Cerullo on General Hospital.

Many actors are known for their striking eyes


Rena Sofer Nearly Left Soap Operas Because Most of the Actors Are ‘At the Mercy of These Writers’

Sometimes the eyes say it all. Sofer is not the first to be known for the intensity of her eyes. The actor with the most talked about eyes was the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. They were said to be violet, but the color was constantly changing. Taylor’s couturier Vicky Tiel wrote:

“Elizabeth’s eyes were not the clear blue of Paul Newman’s or Cameron Diaz’s, but dark navy blue like the deep sea, with an indigo light that most people call violet.”

Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy has beautiful green eyes, and it is hard not to notice them right away. Essence said in an article about the actor, “Jesse’s eyes are the ultimate distraction. We’re currently lost in them … Uh, what were we saying again?”

Actor Mila Kunis has gorgeous eyes, and they are two different colors. The right one is brown, and the left one is green. Unfortunately, Kunis has a condition called heterochromia. “I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew,” she told Cosmopolitan. The Friends With Benefits star had surgery in 2010 to repair it. After the surgery, the repaired eye changed color.