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It’s official. Rena Sofer is out as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sofer’s departure has upset many loyal B&B fans. Read on to discover why Sofer decided to leave the show and what show executives have planned for Quinn next. 

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller
Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller | Sonja Flemming/CBS

Why did Rena Sofer leave the show?

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Sofer revealed her reasoning for leaving the show. Sofer revealed that her official contract with the network had expired in May 2022. Unfortunately, show executives did not contact Sofer until her last week of shooting ahead of the July hiatus. 

When executives finally did reach out to Sofer, they left her with more questions than answers. They told Sofer they didn’t really know what direction they wanted to take her character and asked that she stay only on a “recurring basis” until they could figure out the direction they wanted to take Quinn. 

Of course, being in a state of limbo gave Sofer time to reevaluate what she wanted out of her own career. Ultimately, Sofer made the decision to leave the show. Not only is Sofer looking to take on new challenges in her acting career, but she is also looking forward to dedicating more time to her pottery business, Rena Sofer Ceramics

Sofer might not have too much time on her hands to devote to her business, though. In fact, rumors indicate that she isn’t looking to leave daytime television for long. Before her stint as Quinn Fuller on B&B, Sofer was cast as Lois Cerullo on General Hospital.

The GH character shares a daughter, Brook Lynn, with Ned Quartermaine. Both Ned and Brook Lynn are active characters on GH right now, so if the stars align, Sofer might just be making a return to Port Charles. 

Is Quinn being written out or recast? 

While Sofer has exciting new ventures ahead of herself, B&B fans still don’t know where this leaves the character of Quinn. After Quinn crashed Carter Walton’s wedding to Paris Buckingham on July 1st, fans got to enjoy the sight of Carter and Quinn finally reuniting. However, with Sofer’s recent departure, it seems that “Quarter,” as the couple is nicknamed, might be short-lived. 

Sofer’s last episode portraying Quinn aired on August 29th. The episode was very anticlimactic, with no real exit of the character being shown. Quinn was seen enjoying a romantic dinner date with Carter throughout the episode.

While fans are understandably upset about Quinn/Sofer’s last episode, the ending leaves open many possibilities for the character. Given executives weren’t sure of the direction to take the character and only asked Sofer to star on a recurring basis, it’s likely the role won’t be recast.

Only time will tell if B&B executives will look to recast the character of Quinn or will wait to bring Quinn back into the fold when Sofer is ready to make her return. 

Rena Sofer played Quinn for nine years 


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After nine years of portraying Quinn Fuller on B&B, Rena Sofer has decided to move her career in another direction. The 53-year-old actor confirmed her departure from the long-running soap opera on August 17th through an Instagram post. 

Sofer’s last day of filming for B&B was on August 5th, so Quinn’s official exit from the show is sadly near. Rightly so, Quinn’s sudden departure has B&B fans upset and it’s unclear how the beloved character will be written out.

Fans are also wondering what this means for Carter and if he will be leaving with Quinn or if a new romance is in store for the character.