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For years, The Bold and the Beautiful has captivated viewers globally with its compelling love triangle and entanglement stories. Eric and Ridge Forrester were infamous for their exploits with many women, but Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) has emerged as “a regular Casanova.”

B&B fans have taken their distaste at how he’s hopping from woman to woman with brazen impunity to Twitter.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actors Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton and Heather Tom as Katie Logan
Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton and Heather Tom as Katie Logan | Adam Torgerson/CBS via Getty Images

‘Casanova Carter’ has been busy in the romance department

Carter has had a colorful love life, hopping romantically from Zoe to Quinn to Paris, back to Quinn, and now Katie. As a result, fans are starting to feel unsettled with him, as he seems to be turning into a womanizer, not the quintessential romantic hero we want.

Zoe, Quinn, and Paris are just a few of his conquests in recent months and based on this, some viewers are starting to lose their appetite for this character.

On Twitter, one fan wrote that Carter seems to be on his way to being “a regular Casanova.” Another tweeted they’re done with “Casanova Carter.”

Carter’s current flame(s)

Carter’s latest conquest is Katie Logan, and fans are loving the scandalous new match, but many are split, as Carter’s fan-favorite romance with Quinn was short-lived, given Rena Sofer’s exit from the show.

While Katie and Carter are going hot and heavy, it’s no secret Katie has a complicated relationship situation. Bill Spencer has made it clear he’s interested in getting Katie back, but it seems Katie is ready for the new flame. While fans loved Katie and Bill together, it seems Katie is looking for something with a little more steaminess to it.

Carter the homewrecker

Some fans speculate that Carter’s arrival in Los Angeles has increased the number of affairs happening on B&B. Some fans have even gone so far as to say that he might have had a role in Bill and Katie’s issues.

Let’s not forget that he secretly slept with Paris Buckingham and then cheated and used her to get over Quinn. His fling with Quinn ended with him leaving Paris at the altar.

Given his hopping from relationship to relationship, seemingly without caring about his partners’ attachments, he might be on a tear with the committed and semi-committed women on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Carter consensus


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Carter Is Moving Too Fast in His Relationship With Katie

At this point, it’s hard to find anyone who’ll defend Carter’s character on Twitter. Even some long-time viewers are having a tough time “stomaching” this character, who most recently admitted that he still had romantic feelings for Quinn after spending several months with his new flame Katie Logan.

Given his recent track record, some fans are wondering if there might be a new trend opening on B&B with fans of the show openly criticizing the show’s flaky storylines.

We’ll have to wait and see if Carter curtails his womanizing ways in the future, as it seems he’s running out of female characters to hook up with, and his fan base isn’t thrilled with the current status quo.