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Sheila Carter has been a villain for decades on The Bold and the Beautiful, and at this point, she understands how to navigate her way out of tricky situations. Sheila is currently presumed dead, but as viewers know, not even death is enough to keep the vixen away.

The villain wants to see her son, despite the harm she caused, and to do that, she has taken drastic measures, and fans hate it. Fans think Sheila’s wig and mask look ridiculous.

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Sheila is hiding in plain sight

The last time fans saw Sheila, her crimes had caught up with her, and she’d been sent to jail. Sheila had accidentally shot her son Finn and intentionally shot his wife, Steffy. After being captured and sent to prison, Sheila had inside help getting out.

She went to see Li Finnegan and nearly killed her. Sheila pretended to have been the one who cared for Finn until he found out the truth. Finn was able to escape Sheila’s clutches and reunited with his family. Sheila then faked her own death to throw the police off, but fans knew Sheila wouldn’t go down that easy.

Days later, Sheila resurfaced with a new look: a wig and a mask. She tricked Deacon Sharpe into sleeping with her, weaseling her way into the reformed bad boy’s life. Sheila has been blackmailing Deacon to help her, and while Deacon understands how bad of a move that is, he’s probably going along with it because he knows Sheila is unhinged and any wrong move might set her off.

Sheila warned Deacon that if he tried anything shady and she went to prison, she’d be taking him with her. She also told Deacon she wants to see Finn despite him warning her against it, given how they left things. 

Deacon knows Finn won’t be too thrilled to see Sheila, especially since he wants to leave what happened in the past. This then leaves Sheila with the only option of having to wear disguises to get close to her son.

Fans hate Sheila’s red wig and mask

Sheila naturally has dark hair, but now that she doesn’t want anyone to recognize her, she has had to take drastic measures to ensure she remains hidden. Sheila’s go-to disguise for the job is a red wig, paired with a bold red lip and a mask to bring everything together.

While it almost does the job, fans hate the disguise. In a recent Twitter post by B&B, fans aired their dissatisfaction with the get-up, with one user commenting that they’re “not into this Sheila and disguise thing.” Another user replied that the prosthetic mask and wig looked uncomfortable and that she should have just dyed her hair red.

Some fans were not convinced that the disguise was adequate, noting that anyone who knows Sheila wouldn’t buy the guise. Most fans agreed that the mask wasn’t super believable, and neither was the wig, making the disguise even worse.

Fans don’t understand how Sheila keeps getting away with things


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Despite her several crimes, Sheila always bests the law and avoids prison time which is no longer sitting well with fans, who voiced their concerns on Twitter. One fan asked how Sheila keeps getting away with her crimes.

Some fans said they were “tired” of Sheila’s messy storyline, saying that Sheila is dragging everyone else into her mess and that they want Sheila to get caught and stand trial.