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Ever since Kat and Eva were introduced as a possible couple in Season 4 of The Bold Type, fans have been divided over the relationship. After Season 4 Episode 15, “Love,” some fans vowed to stop watching the show altogether. A sneak peek for the Season 4 finale of The Bold Type was posted on the show’s social media channels, and some fans are still questioning the relationship between Kat and Eva.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 Episode 15 of The Bold Type.]

The Bold Type
Aisha Dee as Kat Edison | Jonathan Wenk/Freeform/Universal Television/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why some fans don’t like the relationship

In Season 4, Kat illegally leaked the tax returns of board member RJ Safford showing that he donated to a political candidate who supports conversion therapy. He was let go from the company, but Kat was also fired from her job at Scarlet magazine for illegally leaking the documents.

To fill her time, Kat dedicates herself to protesting for progressive causes. However, when she is unable to pay for the mortgage of the apartment her parents own, she is forced to move in with Jane. To make ends meet, Kat gets a job as a bartender at The Belle, a club where Jane is a member.

It turns out Eva, RJ’s daughter, is a member of The Belle. Despite their differing political beliefs, Kat begins to fall for Eva. This struck a chord with some fans and received criticism given the current political climate in the U.S.

“The messaging that Kat’s arc is sending, especially in this moment, is that many of the things people are fighting against right now — white supremacy, the exploitation of working-class and poor people, transphobia and homophobia, and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies to name a few — are merely differences of opinion, worth agreeing-to-disagree over in the name of romance. Yikes,” Zeba Blay criticized in HuffPost.

Eva and Kat kiss in ‘The Bold Type’

In Season 4 Episode 14, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” Kat starts a podcast at The Belle. She records her first episode with Eva so they can have an open discussion about their political views, and while recording the episode Eva tells Kat that she is a lesbian.

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In the next episode, “Love,” Eva and Kat have a photo shoot at The Belle for the launch of Kat’s podcast. After the shoot, Kat visits Eva to thank her for recording the episode with her. Kat also attempts to encourage Eva to use her voice among conservatives and the two kiss.

Some fans of ‘The Bold Type’ are not happy with the sneak peek

On July 14, a new sneak peek for the season finale shows Kat and Eva together. Eva visits The Belle where Kat is working, but the bar is closed. The two flirt, and Kat gives Eva a drink anyway.

“It was kind of a quiet night, so we just closed up early,” Kat tells her.

“Well that’s no way to run a bar,” Eva replies.

“You’re right,” Kat says. She walks over and sets a glass in front of Eva. “On the house.”

“And that’s no way to run a bar either,” Eva jokes.


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While some fans love the chemistry between Eva and Kat, others are still not happy with the pairing.

One fan tweeted, “as if the premise of this pairing wasn’t bad enough, they’ve also regularly got this awful power dynamic where kat has to interact with her as an employee??”

“Soooo glad I stopped watching this show! The sad part is, I actually really loved almost all the characters. However, I just can’t stand to see what they did to Kat and Adena!” A Twitter user wrote.

“The bold type and @FreeformTV you have failed your black lead and the queer poc you watch your show religiously utterly disgusted idc what chemistry y’all say they have that does not erase what she stands for,” a fan tweeted.

The Season 4 finale of The Bold Type will air on July 16 on Freeform at 10 p.m. EST.