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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast.]

The cast for The Challenge: All Stars 4 has reportedly flown to South Africa to film the upcoming season. According to spoiler accounts, favorites including Cara Maria Sorbello and couple Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams are poised to make their return.

Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, and Cara Maria Sorbello reportedly competing in ‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’

Account PinkRose, who has successfully spoiled several seasons of The Challenge, announced the cast for spinoff All Stars has already left for South Africa to film the fourth season.

According to the spoiler, the cast includes former champs Cara Maria Sorbello, Kefla Hare, Adam Larson, Rachel Robinson, Janelle Casanave, Brad Fiorenza, Veronica Portillo, and Laurel Stucky.

Additionally, alums Flora Alekseyeun, Tyrie Ballard, Brandon Nelson, Jay Gotti, Averey Tressler, Tony Raines, Nicole Zanatta, Ace Amerson, Steve Meinke, Derek Chavez, Jasmine Reynaud, Ryan Kehoe, Ayanna Mackins, Tina Barta, Leroy Garrett, and Kam Williams reportedly are going to compete in the upcoming season.

Leroy previously retired after ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

In 2018, Kam and Leroy met during her rookie season, Vendettas. Even though they hit it off, Leroy admittedly didn’t want a serious relationship at the time.

She eventually moved on with UK native Theo Campbell before they reconnected during War of the Worlds 2. After the season, they officially began dating and have remained inseparable. He announced his retirement from The Challenge in 2021, marking Double Agents as his last season on the MTV competitive franchise.

After the show aired in late 2021, the couple revealed they were expecting their first child together. In May 2022, they welcomed their son Kingston and announced their engagement.

While fans were excited for their favorite couple expanding their family, many knew it meant Kam might never return for another season. However, the duo is reportedly coming back for the Paramount+-based spinoff, where they hope to secure their first victory. Cara Maria, whom the couple previously aligned with during her last appearance, War of the Worlds 2, is rumored to return after a four-year break.

Sarah Rice, among other ‘iconic personalities’ who won’t compete in ‘All Stars 4’

A few weeks before the alleged cast flew out to the location for filming, the spoiler accounts revealed the names of several “iconic personalities” whom viewers wanted to see but wouldn’t compete in the new season.

Apparently, two-time champs Sarah Rice, Susie Meister, and Ashley Mitchell, former winner Julie Stoffer, and veterans Shane Landrum, Marie Roda, Marlon Williams, Dustin Zito, and Nia Moore accepted the availability call but got dropped from the cast.


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Susie confirmed the information, tweeting she believes producers think she’s a “dud,” and The Gauntlet finalist Norman Korpi admitted he’s “bummed” he didn’t get the chance to compete again.

Sarah also explained she agreed to join the All Stars cast after years of saying “no” if Susie competed as well, in a December 2022 TikTok video. According to the former champ, the producers initially agreed before refusing to tell her the confirmed cast. “Well, now I guess I’m never going,” Sarah concluded. The first three seasons of The Challenge: All Stars are available to stream on Paramount+.