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The Challenge: All Stars 4 is allegedly slated to begin filming next month, in January 2023. Production has called players for their availability and appears to be dwindling the final cast. According to spoiler accounts and OG competitors, memorable players fans want to see compete again, including two-time champs Sarah Rice and Susie Meister, were allegedly dropped from the cast.

Many memorable players were reportedly contacted but dropped from ‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’

The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 is rumored to start filming soon, and potential castmates are allegedly undergoing medical and background examinations.

While it’s too early to name the cast, three-time champ Derrick Kosinski and former winner Nehemiah Clark, who have both competed in all three seasons of All Stars, three-time champ Veronica Portillo, and two-time champ Rachel Robinson is believed to compete.

Popular spoiler account GamerVev has also reported that multiple “iconic personalities” viewers want to see compete again, including two-time winner Sarah Rice, two-time champ Susie Meister, Extreme Challenge winner Julie Stoffer, Final Reckoning finalist Marie Roda, veterans Nia Moore and Shane Landrum, two-time finalist Tina Barta, two-time champ Ashley Mitchell, Rivals 2 finalist Marlon Williams, and Battle of the Seasons finalist Dustin Zito accepted the availability call but have seen gotten dropped the cast.

Susie Meister, Genesis Keefer, and Norman Korpi confirmed they were dropped from ‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’

Susie responded to GamerVev’s tweet admitting her information is correct, noting, “It’s true! We were ready to roll, but they think I’m a dud, I guess.”

Veteran Genesis (Moss) Keefer also claimed production reached out to her in response to The Gauntlet finalist Norman Korpi’s post about not competing. She said no one has contacted her in a couple of weeks and believes they dropped her “like a hot potato.”

Norman replied that he would have had fun competing alongside her and admitted he was “bummed.” In another tweet, someone questioned if anyone actually reached out to Sarah, as they likely would have cast her if she agreed.

However, GamerVev claimed the two-time champ would only compete if Susie also joined the cast. The spoiler account noted Susie accepted, but production never contacted her again, resulting in Sarah choosing to drop out. According to GamerVev, Susie and Sarah have confirmed it.

Trishelle Cannatella likely not returning for ‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’

One memorable player, Trishelle Cannatella, will likely not compete in another season of All Stars.

In a recent tweet, she claimed she would only “consider” returning if MTV “paid me what I”m worth” and cast more entertaining players who she would want to compete with and make good television.


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When asked which competitors she wanted to see in the house, Trishelle named several people, including Sarah and Susie, before summing it up with “All Challenge people before 2002.

She recently competed on All Stars 1 following a nearly decade-long absence and wanted to quit after getting into a fight with longtime friend Katie Cooley. The Challenge: All Stars 4 is slated to begin filming in January 2023.